Weight Loss Diet: 5 Yogurt Recipes To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

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Health conscious people are constantly on the lookout for nutritious foods and healthy alternatives. Those with a sweet tooth may find it difficult to control their sugar cravings. And why not? A hearty meal is never complete without a generous helping of sweet and decadent desserts. Yogurt is a great, healthier substitute for high-sugar desserts. Yogurt, as we all know, is a nutrient-dense food made from fermented milk. It is rich in probiotics (good bacteria), which help keep the gut healthy. To make it even more nutrient dense, add your favorite fruit and treat yourself! Here we offer you 5 perfect yogurt recipes to add to your weight loss diet. Take a look below.


Here are 5 yogurt recipes to add to your weight loss diet

1.Classic yogurt

Greek yogurt is made by removing all of the whey from regular yogurt. This process makes it incredibly rich, creamy and so satisfying. It’s high in protein, probiotics, and heart-healthy nutrients, making it a great option for healthy eaters.


Kefir is a Turkish yogurt drink made from kefir grains. It’s light and refreshing, which is worth drinking yogurt. This yogurt drink is packed with nutrients, protein, and probiotics and will leave you feeling satisfied.

3.Yoghourt with fruits

Yogurt is known for its versatility; here is a sweet and fruity yogurt recipe for you. Include it in your breakfast, enjoy it on the go or even as a dessert. Click here for the fruit yogurt recipe.


4.Plum and green apple yogurt

A tangy side dish for Falafels. Green apples, plums, pomegranate seeds and orange juice are mixed with yogurt. Once you try this recipe, you will make it again and again. Click here for the plum and green apple yogurt recipe.

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5.Yogurt parfait

Parfaits are a foodie’s dream because they’re quick to make, delicious, and healthy dishes to satisfy sweet cravings. This healthy dessert gives you energy. Yogurt, nuts, cereals, pine nuts and fruits are layered. Click here for the Yogurt Parfrait recipe.

Try these recipes and let us know how you liked them all in the comments below.

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