Top 10 true wings revealed

NHL 23 is right around the corner due to release on October 14th. From what we’ve seen so far from the promo and ads, there are some exciting new features and mechanics that will be incorporated into this year’s game.

Last month, I predicted which five right-wing players would be the top-ranked in this year’s 23rd NHL video game. Ratings are one of the most exciting aspects of sports video games that get you excited when they are advertised, the community is focused on the ad and contacted.

NHL Ratings Week 23 has begun And with EA revealing the ten best right-wingers in the NHL 23 based on their rankings. The top five players I was expecting to be the top turned out to be the top, but I never really touched on who would fall 6-10.

My NHL 23 Top Five Right Wing Predictions From Last Month

  1. Patrick Kane: (92 total)
  2. Nikita Kucherov: (92 total)
  3. Miko Rantanen: (91 total)
  4. David Pasternak: (91 total)
  5. Mitchell Marner: (91 total)

NHL 23 Highest Rated Right Winger

  1. Patrick Kane: (93 total)
  2. Nikita Kucherov: (92 total)
  3. Miko Rantanen: (91 total)
  4. David Pasternak: (91 total)
  5. Mitchell Marner: (90 total)
  6. Alex DeBrinkat: (total 89)
  7. Mark Stone: (total 89)
  8. Andrei Svichnikov: (88 total)
  9. Vladimir Tarasenko: (88 total)
  10. Jordan Kerro: (87 total)

Patrick Kane, to no surprise, is leading the way this year for right-wing players. The only difference from this year compared to last year is that his points total has gone up by one point and he is now the only right-winger in the NHL 23 with a rating of 93. The Chicago Blackhawks had a very disappointing 2021-2022 season, but that didn’t stop Patrick Kane from making his mark in National Hockey League by gaining 92 points (26 goals, 66 assists) in 78 games played.

There was absolutely no surprise in the top five on the right wing. Kocherov, Rantanen, Pasternak and Marner have all proven what they can do and that’s why they each have at least 90 overall or better.

The bottom half of the top ten has some interesting names as well. Alex DeBrincat will have a new home in Ottawa after scoring 41 goals with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2021-2022. An overall rating of 89 is more than fair for the DeBrincat and is very close to joining 90 overall. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the Alex DeBrincat becomes a 90 overall in the very near future.

Mark Stone is another name on this list that doesn’t surprise me. Stone is an elite player in the National Hockey League and when he’s healthy, he’s a huge threat to anyone facing the Vegas Golden Knights. As long as the Vegas Golden Knight are healthy, they will have no problem competing for the Stanley Cup this season and Mark Stone will be a huge part of their success.

Svechnikov, Tarasenko, and Kyrou are out of the top ten, and frankly, these three guys deserve to make it into the top ten. One thing that both of these players have in common is that they each are able to put the disc in the back of the net. If these guys are on the ice, you won’t have any problems with scoring.

You won’t have to wait any longer to get your hands on these NHL 23 right-wingers. If you pre-order the X-Factor version of NHL 23, you’ll be able to start playing the third game days early on October 11th. If you pre-order or purchase the NHL 23 Standard Edition, you’ll be able to start playing on October 14th. Ratings week is just beginning at EA Sports and they are already starting things off with a bang with these right-wing ratings.

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