Tom Brady spotted with the Pro Bowl star 3 times amid rumors


Tom Brady is back in training after 11 days.

Playing against the New Orleans Saints has been a home of terror for Tom Brady since joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but there was a bright spot at NOLA ahead of facing Week 2 NFC South. Brady, the receiver, was widely greeted by star Odell Beckham Jr. before squaring the Buccaneers with the Saints.

Beckham was present at the Caesars Superdome, which wasn’t surprising considering he grew up in nearby Baton Rouge. He also has a close relationship with receiver Jarvis Landry, who signed with the Saints while on vacation.

Throughout his career, Beckham made no secret of his desire to play with Brady, and was courting the Patriots during Brady’s time in New England. The Buccaneers have been mentioned as a potential landing site for Beckham, who remains an unsigned free agent as he is recovering from an ACL injury.

Tampa Bay tweeted a video of the pre-match exchange between the two stars that has since gone viral.

NFL Insider: “OBJ Is in Tom’s Circle”

Tampa Bay is already dealing with a string of injuries to its three biggest recipients: Chris Goodwin, Mike Evans and Julio Jones. Goodwin and Jones were sidelined in the Bucks’ second week match against the Saints.

With Beckhams unlikely to be ready to wear until around November, it won’t be an immediate solution to Buc’s receiver problems. During the sabbatical, Yahoo Sports NFL insider Charles Robinson mentioned the Buccaneers as a potential contender to sign Beckham mid-season.

“If OBJ is riding this—let’s say he drove her outside, he looks healthy, and he still hasn’t signed and he’s like, ‘Hey, I’m back in the mix in November. I’m running,'” Robinson explained during the June 15 episode of the “You Pod” podcast. to Win the Game”. “I think if Tampa Bay is where they expect it to be in November, I totally think Tampa Bay is the kind of team that can say, ‘Hey, man, let’s go and do this. Let’s go and win this.'”

“And Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. are close. They have a really good relationship. Gisele and OBJ are close, they’re really good friends. And I think Tom is very influential when it comes to people in his circle, well, and OBJ in Tom’s circle.”

Beckham on Brady: ‘He was there as a mentor’

Tampa Bay still has an estimated $6.2 million available in cover space, per Spotrak, to sign Beckham or another veteran. Beckham will likely be looking to sign a short deal to prove it for 2022 and then, once again, become a free agent when he’s healthy in his next off-season. Ahead of the Bucs-Rams playoff game in January, Beckham spoke about his relationship with Brady, calling the quarterback his “big brother” during his career.

“He’s someone who gave me insight whenever I wanted to chat,” Beckham explained during a Jan. 21 interview with Chris Sims of NBC Sports. “He was there as a mentor, as a big brother and as I said, he was literally there [felt] Like whether I know it or not. As much as he was the guy I watched the whole time, and no, I didn’t like him, because he always won or would have defeated my team.

“The Rams were the team that I loved, and they beat the Rams, and it was like there was all that backstory behind that. But just to be able to sit there, you know, we’re watching, is so unique. Just to be able to watch him go to the work “.

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