The St. Louis Armory Complex reopens as an entertainment venue

A $60 million entertainment venue that developers say will be the largest indoor theme park attraction opens in St. Louis on December 9.

Armory It will fill 250,000 square feet in a Historic Midtown Building It housed the 138th Infantry Division of the Missouri National Guard in 1938 and later became the site of the St. Louis Tennis Club.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy food, drink and live music in a vast space that will house five additional event venues when construction is completed next spring. The complex will also house the St. Louis Tennis Hall of Fame.

“Hopefully when we’re done with that, we’ll probably be the area’s biggest attraction outside of the Cardinals Arena. We’ve got the space and the software to make that happen,” said Jake Miller of Brick + Bev, who directs Armory programming.

Brick + Bev is a newly formed division of Green Street Real Estate Projectsthat are behind the project. The company has redeveloped several industrial sites for new purposes—including the Dorris Gear Manufacturing plant, which it converted into a mall, and a vacant machine shop converted into Rockwell Beer Co.

The armory will employ 400 people when fully built. Many jobs will be part-time but require 30 or more hours of work per week.

The historic building is located on Market Street adjacent to Interstate 70, within walking distance City Foundry STLa $300 million redevelopment by Steve Smith’s Lawrence Group that includes a dining hall as well as offices and retail space.

President and CEO Philip J. Hulse said leaders of Green Street Real Estate Ventures planned to convert the Armory Building into an office space, but those plans faltered after potential master tenant We Work launched Subscription Failed in 2019.

Instead, the building will be the centerpiece of an emerging entertainment district that will stretch from Grand Boulevard to Vanderventer Street, Hulse said.

“We have purchased everything along this path and are going to revitalize this into a mixed-use entertainment district that will literally attract millions of people to the city,” said Hulse. “This is a building that everyone drives around every day, and it was kind of just sitting there idle, waiting to be reborn.”

The armory will include a two-story slide, one of the largest video screens in the city and equipment for dozens of games, including badminton, table tennis and horseshoes. Local cover bands will operate on weekends, and the 60-foot stage will accommodate occasional concerts through national acts. In the concert configuration, the space capacity is 5000 audience.

The next phase of development will open in February.

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