The AL East division can make MLB history this season

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The 1994 MLB season was a wild season.

This season is known for the way it ended, as a players strike caused the season to conclude with no post-season or world championships.

But that’s not the only important thing that happened that year.

It was also the first season that MLB turned into three divisions per league, marking the beginning of a new era.

Nearly three decades later, there are still three divisions in each league and a total of six divisions across disciplines.

While there have been some dominant divisions in baseball since the MLB made this pivotal change decades ago, no division in the six division era has finished a season with all of its teams above 0.500.

But this season may change.

A chance in history for the East

The Middle East division is enjoying a massive 2022 season.

The New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, and Tampa Bay Rays likely head into the postseason, and the Baltimore Orioles still have an outside chance to get in.

The division’s last-place team, the Boston Red Sox, is no longer in the supplement conversation, but at 72-77, Boston has a very respectable record for a last-place club.

Here’s a look at where things stand when play begins on Friday:

  1. Yankees (91-58)
  2. Blue Jays (84-66)
  3. Radiology (83-67)
  4. Orioles (78-71)
  5. Red Sox (72-77)

Now that you’ve rounded up, AL East has a chance to make history this season, as all of the division’s teams can finish the year with winning records.

Obviously, Boston’s record is the biggest hurdle.

The Yankees, Blue Jays, and Rays each have winning records, and the Orioles can do so by winning just four of their 13 games remaining.

However, the Red Sox has work to do.

The team will have to go 10-3 during their remaining 13 matches in order to finish with a record 82-80.

This is a daunting task, especially considering the fact that all of Boston’s remaining games will face teams with winning records.

But stranger things have happened, and the idea of ​​the Red Sox arranging a few wins together to end the season doesn’t sound too crazy.

For a more in-depth look at what Boston will need to finish the season over .500, this is available here.

If the Middle East succeeds in achieving this feat, it will be a truly remarkable feat.

Recognition of 2005 NL East

While no division in the six-division era has ever seen all of its teams finish a season with winning records, the NL East came very close in 2005.

In fact, every team in the division finished that year in .500 or better, but not all teams were. During .500.

Here’s what that division looked like when the 2005 season ended:

  1. Atlanta Braves (90-72)
  2. Philadelphia Phillies (88-74)
  3. New York Mets (83-79)
  4. Florida Marlins (83-79)
  5. Washington Nationals (81-81)

Although this division lacks real strength at the top, the fact that each squad was .500 or better remains a pretty impressive feat today.

Time will tell if the Middle East can top this season.

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