The 40 BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes

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Christmas cookies… one of the classic traditions to make the season even more special. They’re so fun to make, and always please a crowd!

This collection of easy Christmas Cookie Recipes includes forty amazing sweets for you to bake and decorate with your family.

Whether you love a simple sugar cookie, love the seasonal spices, go crazy for peppermint, or crave chocolate, there’s something here for you.

Bake your way through all of these amazing Christmas cookie recipes. Your holidays have never been sweeter!

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This holiday season, make these classic Gingerbread cookies and stun everyone. They taste exactly as if you bought them from a fancy pasty shop.

The amazingly soft, chewy and perfectly spiced cookies are super easy and fun to make. So enjoy this excellent Christmas treats with your loved ones.

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Christmas is coming guys, so get ready with all your decorations and festive food items.

To help you with the snack preparations, we have got you this Christmas Sugar Cookies recipe, which is a breeze to make.

Your Christmas will be more special with these beautiful shapes and decorations. So what are you waiting for?

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Make these traditional Pfeffernüsse Spice Cookies at home, which are very traditional in the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

These festive cookies are soft and loaded with amazingly spiced flavors, and are sure to be one of your most beloved Christmas cookies ever.

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Cookie recipes are the most searched-for in the holiday season, and one of the most delicious and perfect is Amaretti Cookies.

This classic recipe is gluten-free and has a perfectly soft, chewy textures and amazingly sweet, nutty almond flavors.

You will simply fall in love with these cookies!

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Sprinkle Sugar Cookies are loved by both kids and adults alike, and this recipe is here to help you make the best ever.

These traditional cookies are made festive-ready with colorful sprinkles, making them look beautiful and taste just incredible. It’s one of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

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Ok, now this Christmas try these Linzer Cookies, and impress your family and friends.

These outstanding sweets have almond and cinnamon-flavored cookies which are sandwiched with your favorite jam. So good!

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Want to make your Christmas cookies tray super delicious? Then add these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies!

You will totally love these cookies because they are super quick to make using very simple ingredients. The fudgy, gooey center and crisp edges that are coated with powdered sugar. Perfect!

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How about making something extra special this Christmas? This Italian Christmas Cookie will make your Christmas tasty and super fun.

They are super easy to make and are sure to be one of your favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

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Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, and if you jazz them up more with some M&M’s they get festive-ready.

This Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe shows how to make soft, chewy, and perfect cookies, which get ready in just 20 minutes.

It’s an absolute keeper recipe that will be a super hit in your home.

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Are your kids Grinch fans? Then bake these Grinch Cookies for Christmas, and make them super happy.

They are amazingly fun and easy to make, and they will really be a great addition to your holiday treats. So just enjoy!

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Now, do try these buttery Classic Spritz Cookies at home, they’re as tasty as they are pretty. Just follow this hassle-free recipe to make your holiday season special and colorful.

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Gingersnap Cookies are a must during Christmas. The perfect combination of sweet and spiced cookies will become your family’s favorite.

This traditional recipe is effortless to make and uses very easy ingredients. This a great Christmas cookie option for you to try.

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Red Velvet Sugar Cookies are a true holiday classic, and are best to serve for Christmas and Valentine’s.

This outstanding recipe makes soft and delicious cookies that are amazingly attractive and addictive at the same time. You will love them.

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Make the most elegant and fancy cookies for Christmas with the help of this awesome recipe, Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies.

These cookies are examples of perfectly sweet maple flavor and cinnamon-spiced goodness, which everyone will enjoy. They are easy to decorate and super fun to make.

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Snowball Cookies are always a hit, and this Peppermint flavored Snowball is just too good.

These double-dusted powdered sugar cookies will make a delicious entry to your Christmas cookie collection. Just follow some tips and tricks to make them perfect every time.

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These Stained Glass Cookies can actually be used to decorate your Christmas tree, as they look beautiful and taste just divine.

We bet these cookies will be a show-stopper, and will be enjoyed by everyone.

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Do you like colorful cookies? If yes, then try these dazzling Candy Cane Kiss Cookies at home, and get ready for compliments.

They are made with very few ingredients, but are loaded festive peppermint flavors. This Christmas cookie recipe is a must for peppermint fans.

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Cherry Kiss Cookies are super fancy, yet super easy to make.

The delicious combination of almond cookies with sweet cherries crowned with a Hershey’s chocolate kiss is simply exceptional.

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Guys, get ready for the most epic cookie recipe, Death by Chocolate Peppermint Cookies. You will surely fall in love with this chocolaty treat.

These smashing treats have chocolate peppermint cookies in dark chocolate, and then decorated with crushed peppermint candies for an extra punch flavors. So good!

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Make this holiday exceptional with these classic Eggnog Cookies.

This top-notch recipe makes cookies that are extra soft with traditional eggnog flavors. They’re to die for. Finish with a drizzle of powdered sugar icing to take them over the top.

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This Christmas, try these Gingerbread Macarons, and see them become your new tradition.

These festive macrons are loaded with gingerbread buttercream, and then decorated with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles to make them extra gorgeous.

A delicious treat to add to your Christmas menu.

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Yet another kid and adult friendly cookie for Christmas to try is these Monster Cookies.

This holiday delicacy is nothing but pure deliciousness in every bite. It’s loaded with oats, pretzel chunks, chocolate pieces, white chocolate, and lots of M&M’s.

All together it’s a giant cookie that tastes just marvelous.

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Molasses Cookies are blissfully delicious and make a perfect Christmas treat.

The delicate, flavorful combination of spices and molasses and the moist, chewy texture are just super yummy. You all will love these buttery cookies for sure.

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Vanilla Wreath Cookies are something to behold and taste just mind-blowingly delicious.

These fancy-looking cookies can be great for decorating, or simply to add to your assorted Christmas cookie boxes.

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These Whipped Shortbread Cookies will be your new go-to recipe, which you can make any time of the year.

You need only 6 ingredients to make these traditional buttery cookies, which just melt in your mouth. Decorate them for the festival, and enjoy.

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Snickerdoodles are eternal cookies that you will never get tired of, and they make great cookies for festive times.

Loaded with decadent flavors and ingredients, this holiday delight is completely irresistible. Just follow some tips to make them perfect every time.

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This Christmas, give a break to the classics and make Greece’s most popular Christmas cookie, Melomakarona.

This cookie is a cross between a cookie and rich baklava that tastes heavenly. It’s super fun to make, and is packed with orange, cinnamon, and honey flavors. It’s one of our favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

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If you want a delicious treat for Christmas eve, this is it!

Pecan Snowballs can be your new star of the cookie tray, as they melt in your mouth deliciously and you just need 7 easy ingredients to make this splendid treat. YUM!

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Now, here is a real classic recipe, Peanut Butter Blossoms studded with Hershey’s Kisses.

They are insanely addictive, and will become one of your most loved Christmas cookies.

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Want some ideas for gifting this Christmas? Gift these delicious Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies, and amaze your guests.

These cookies are gorgeously easy to make and they just dissolve in your mouth. You can make them for any special occasion. Super yummy.

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Melted Snowman Cookies are super fun, and will be loved by kids and adults alike.

They are made with peanut butter cookies topped with melted white chocolate, a peanut butter cup, and decorative candies. Enjoy these cute cookies with your loved ones.

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Ok, now these Turtle Cookies are bursting with decadent flavors and texture, which you all will go crazy for.

The sensational chocolate cookie dough is rolled with chunks of pecans then topped with glossy caramel, and finished off with melted chocolate. Simply smashing.

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Looking for an excellent addition to the traditional cookie plate? Here it is, Christmas Crack!

This chewy, crunchy, salty candy awesomeness gets ready in no time and it only requires 5 ingredients. It’s just too good!

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Guys, your celebration is incomplete without these mind-boggling Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies. They will be a super duper hit.

The irresistible flavor combination and beautiful texture will make you get lost in the delicateness of this cookie. We guarantee you will become an instant fan of this Christmas gift.

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Hands down the cutest cookies ever are these Peanut Butter Rudolph Cookies.

They’re made with tasty peanut butter, pretzels and M&M’s, which is a great flavor combo. Just follow some tips to make your decoration beautiful.

Your kids will adore them, for sure!

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Have you baked pinwheels cookies yet? If not, this is the best and most festive recipe for your holidays, Pinwheel Christmas Cookies.

This colorful delight looks intimidating, but it’s very easy to make. Don’t wait, give these pinwheels a sure try.

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Treat your adult guests to these Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles, and see everyone’s jovial and content faces.

Celebrate your Christmas dinner with this unbelievably delicious dessert, which is easy peasy to make at home. These boozy truffles look festive and taste incredibly smooth and divine.

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Yet another dazzling recipe, which tastes delicious and looks super cute, is these Thumbprint Snowman Cookies.

They are just perfect to make your Christmas evening more special and unforgettable.

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Do you like raspberries? Then you will definitely love Raspberry Bow Tie Cookies!

This holiday treat is super easy to make and you can easily customize with any of your favorite jams. It’s a win-win recipe for everyone.

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We are ending our list of Christmas Cookie recipes with the best Italian Pignoli Cookies.

This Italian delight is a classy dessert that is surprisingly quick and easy to make. They have fantastic nutty flavors and will be a sure hit!

Try all our Christmas cookie recipes this holiday, Merry Christmas…

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So many amazing Christmas cookie recipes to feed your guests! Which ones will you make this year?

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