The 20 BEST Tagine Recipes

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If you crave amazing exotic flavors, this collection of Tagine Recipes is just for you!

A tagine is a North African stew-like dish named after the earthenware vessels in which they are cooked.

But even if you don’t have a traditional tagine, you can still cook the same amazing dishes in your typical Dutch oven.

Cook through all these insanely delicious tagine recipes. You are in for a real treat!

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We start our list of outstanding tagine recipes with our best beef tagine!

This Moroccan Beef Stew is definitely not your usual stew. It’s made with love and patience, but worth all the effort you put into it.

You’ll simply love the exotic, earthy flavors of this classic stew. So enjoy this magical delight with everyone.

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Moroccan cuisine is full of amazing flavors and this Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Candied Lemons is one of the most popular dishes from the North African region.

The recipe is super simple to make and tastes divine. So get ready to savor the most delicious dish ever.

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Guys, make your simple vegetables exceptional and tasty with this awesome vegetable tagine recipe!

It’s a unique dish loaded with assorted vegetables and exotic spices, creating the most satisfying and hearty stew.

You will all enjoy this meatless, gluten-free and vegan dish for sure.

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Kefta Mkaouara is a classic dish that is usually prepared in a tagine and is super delicious.

The recipe is made with your favorite meatballs simmered in a savory spicy tomato sauce. Eggs are added at the last minute for the ultimate splash of flavor.

Serve this fantastic dish with crusty bread and enjoy.

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Now, this Moroccan lamb tagine is really something, and we bet you’ll get addicted to it!

This slow-cooked stew has exotic and vibrant flavor combinations, which make lamb and stew out of this world delicious. This is a must-have recipe for all lamb lovers.

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Looking for easy and healthy fish stew recipes? Then look no further than this refined Moroccan fish tagine!

Your favorite fish is simmered in a lightly spiced tomato sauce with chickpeas and other vegetables for extra flavor and taste. This is what creates the most appetizing and delicious dish ever.

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Prepare yourself one of the authentic Moroccan dishes with the help of this delicious lamb shank tagine recipe!

This famous tagine recipe is made using hot, savory spices and other superb ingredients. It’s great to serve with couscous. So enjoy this hearty meal with family and friends.

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Yet another crunchy Moroccan dish that will have you completely obsessed is this lamb tagine with apricots.

Your lamb is perfectly cooked in beautiful vibrant spices, then to finish add dried fruit, honey and harissa paste.

This will be one of your favorite tagine recipes.

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Eggplant Tagine with Chickpeas is one of the easiest and tastiest vegan meals you can make at home!

It is composed of aubergines and chickpeas simply caramelized with delicious Moroccan spices. This can be a great weekday meatless meal for your enjoyment.

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Give your beloved fish incredible Moroccan flavors by making them with chermoula sauce!

This fish tagine recipe with chermoula sauce is extremely delicious because it is made in the tastiest sauce. It is simply divine.

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Here is another superb fish tagine, this time with a ginger and saffron recipe. It will amaze everyone at home!

This excellent dish is packed with exceptional spices and ingredients and will be one of your favorite tagine dishes. Serve with couscous and experience an authentic North African meal.

Get the recipe @cookandbemerry

Make a memorable meal with this chermoula chicken tagine recipe, it’s finger-licking delicious!

This restaurant style recipe is so simple that anyone can easily make it. Try this fabulous chicken dish today.

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Surprise your family with this colorful and dazzling tajine with olives, chicken and meatballs! This is an absolutely stunning dish with mind-blowing flavors that are simply amazing.

It’s a recipe you’ll definitely keep in your back pocket, whenever you crave some magical flavors.

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Tagines make anything and everything super delicious, and this Sweet Potato Tagine with Dates and Almonds recipe is packed with flavor heavenly.

This new twist on your sweet potato will have you falling in love with all the vegetables and their fantastic flavors. So good!

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Guys, fancy some exotic flavors for dinner tonight?

So try this recipe for Tunisian chicken tagine with couscous and green harissa sauce, we guarantee you will thank us later for this excellent dish!

This incredibly quick and easy recipe is packed with incredibly delicious flavors and is also very adaptable. Isn’t that great?

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Share this chicken tagine with apricots and almonds recipe with your family and dazzle everyone!

You will discover beautiful flavors like sweet, sour, spicy and tangy that make this chicken festive. You will certainly enjoy this simmered dish.

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Have you ever tried to make your duck tagine? Otherwise, this recipe shows how to make the perfect and most delicious stew ever!

This classic stew is made tastier with almonds, harissa paste, honey and dates, and is simply exceptional. Try this amazing take on the stew and watch it become your family’s favorite in no time.

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Yet another vegetarian tagine recipe for your collection, Moroccan Lentil Tagine with Cauliflower and Carrots!

This insanely delicious stew is packed with wholesome ingredients, authentic spices, and flavors that deliver the most comforting, hearty stew you’ll all love.

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Seafood lovers, this Moroccan seafood tagine is a jackpot for you!

You will love the spectacular flavors of all kinds of seafood prepared in the traditional Moroccan style.

It’s just incredibly delicious. Serve with couscous and chermoula and prepare for rave reviews.

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Last but not least is this Apricot Chicken Tagine with Ginger and Mint recipe, which is so tasty you’ll be adding it to your weekly menu rotation.

It’s made with amazing ingredients and flavors that are simply superb with each other. Try it the next time you want a real treat.

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We hope you enjoy these great tagine recipes as much as we do. They are all sure to please the crowd.

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