Sweet Tea and Molasses-Brined Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

sweet tea is not just for drinking: the herbaceous and tannic notes of black tea, together with the citrus zest and well, the sweetness, create a subtle brine for the chicken. The molasses adds rich flavor and turns the bird’s skin to a beautiful mahogany, while the tea brine leaves the meat succulent and falls … Read more

How to Make Assassin’s Spaghetti: Calabrian Chile Pepper Pasta Recipe

One such dish is Assassin’s Spaghetti, which Munno shares on TikTok with a dramatic hair flip. Just as pasta making is in Munno’s blood, so is a love of storytelling. “I come from a family of dumb people and Naples has a huge theatrical community,” she explains. “Between that and the telenovelas my nonna made … Read more