Best Garlic Bread Pizza Recipe

Looking for a fun and easy variation homemade pizza? Pass the Dough and use frozen garlic bread In place. Taking advantage of a grocery store staple, this playful mash-up promises the cheesy goodness of your favorite pizza, all on a super smooth garlic butter base. Scabs will never be thrown away again. Baking the garlic … Read more

Best Chicken Nuggets Recipe – How to Make Homemade Chicken Nuggets

You want to feel like a child Again? homemade chicken nuggets. Coated in seasoned crisp breadcrumbs, these tender and juicy bites are hard to beat. The recipe can technically serve 2-4, but we definitely demolished an entire platter on our own. Toasting the breadcrumbs in the oven is the secret to getting that gorgeous golden … Read more

72 Yummy, Filling Potato Recipes For Any Day Of The Week

The potato is such a versatile kitchen staple, when you really think about it. We love potatoes in all forms: fries, wedges, mashed, whipped, smashed, skins, baked, roasted… the list goes on and on. Every type of potato can be transformed into the ultimate comfort meal and will shine as an excellent main dish, side … Read more