Best Chicken Nuggets Recipe – How to Make Homemade Chicken Nuggets

You want to feel like a child Again? homemade chicken nuggets. Coated in seasoned crisp breadcrumbs, these tender and juicy bites are hard to beat. The recipe can technically serve 2-4, but we definitely demolished an entire platter on our own. Toasting the breadcrumbs in the oven is the secret to getting that gorgeous golden … Read more

15 Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids and 4 Easy Recipes

Cooking on vacation with children is a bit like babysitting cats. Children don’t always pay attention or follow instructions. Disorders happen – everywhere. Parents can be in a rush, trying to fit baking into a short time between dinnertime and bedtime. These 15 tips will help you create memories as well as the inevitable messes. … Read more