Suns Notes: Purchase Price, Sarver, List, Rowley

Sep 22, 2022 at 11:47 PM CST by Alex Kirshenbaum

Now this suns majority owner Robert Sarver Officially declaring his intent to sell the team after a year-long investigation into decades of workplace misconduct, Mike Vorkunoff of The Athletic has examined a possible purchase price for a coveted NBA series of championship caliber. Sarver will also sell the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.

Vokonov notes that Suns and Mercury could fetch more than $3 billion. Vorkunov also reviews valuations of the team’s current value, which has been assessed as staying below $2 billion. As the controlling owner of both clubs, Sarver will win the biggest slice of the pie, whatever its final price.

There are more Phoenix:

  • Although Robert Sarver’s departure is an encouraging move for the Suns and the league in general, Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated writes, because Sarver eventually leaves without being forced by other league owners, is set to become a multibillion dollar franchise. Richer in his exit, the “punishment” of the disgraced team owner seems less than fair.
  • The Suns will have some issues to tackle on the field this season other than Robert Sarver’s off-field drama behind them now, sees David Aldridge of The Athletic. Possible chemistry issues between coach Monty Williams And re-sign the starting center Dender Eaton And the disappointing final match for the All-Star Guardians Chris Paul And the Devin Booker These are the main puzzles facing the team itself in the 2022/23 season. Phoenix will have to face a crowded Western Conference this year, and could face an uphill battle to return to the NBA Finals.
  • CEO of Suns Jason Rowley He addressed the Phoenix team during a conversation with all of the team’s staff on Wednesday, ESPN’s Baxter Holmes reports. During the call, Rowley indicated that the interim governor Sam Garvin He will remain in this position while the team is sold, and Robert Sarver will have no relationship with anyone in the organization, subject to the terms of the one-year suspension. “I am so happy, I have been empowered and motivated to continue to make sure that all the men in that organization who are still in power and who supported this culture are rooted out,” Said a Suns employee who was involved in the investigation that will eventually lead to Sarver’s decision to sell.

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