Summit Tigers Golf Club concludes the season with a 10th place finish in the Regionals

A minor sammore and golf team member, Jes Melby, plays during the Invitational Tiger Summit at Keystone Ranch in Keystone on Thursday, September 15, 2022.
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The 2022-23 season for Summit High School Golf Team in the 4A Regional Golf Tournament in Eagle is over.

After the majority of the team experienced extensive growth throughout the season, the Young Golf Program failed to achieve its goal of qualifying the team or any of its individual members for the 4A golf tournament.

The Tigers traveled to Eagle Ranch Golf Club on Tuesday, September 20, to compete against 20 other teams from Zone 4.

To qualify for the state championship, the top had to either place among the top two teams or have an individual golfer’s place in the top 13.

At last year’s District 4 4A golf tournament, Summit qualified two golfers for the state championship after Ricky Alquist finished seventh with 79 points and Ranger Stone ranked 10th with 81.

This year’s tournament was a bit more competitive than last year’s. It took 77 degrees to punch the state ticket.

The team’s best player on Tuesday was leader Reece Griff, who scored 78 to tie with 17th.

Griff wraps up his first season with a lot to be proud of. He was able to drop his 18-hole best to 78 at the Moffat County High School Bulldog Open on September 12.

“I thought this season in general has been very strong,” said Griff. “I had some good results, but I wish I was able to do better with the pressure I was under in some tournaments. At the end of the day, I had the chance to put together our regional team, which at the start of the season was scary for me.”

After Griff at Reginals was sophomore Tyler Short, who scored 80 to tie for 29th. Pilot Jes Melby and Max Konzick each earned a score of 84 to tie for 41st.

The Tigers ended up five places behind the team in 2021. The team finished 10th out of the 20 teams with a score of 242.

“We did fairly well,” Gref said. “Most of us had a really good day, some of the best results of the season, but the competition was really tough. The competition was much better than we thought.”

“I had a feeling I was going to get a better score than usual, but I had no idea it would take 77 points to get there,” said head coach Ryan Schull. “Historically, 84 players have been good enough to qualify for the state championship. To have all four players shoot 84 or less without anyone making them is disappointing but also exciting.”

The Summit High School junior golf team poses for a photo after winning the Western Slope Junior Varsity Championships on Friday, Sept. 16. The Tigers scored 218 points and were led by freshman Colton Jones, who finished first overall.
Rin Chul / Image courtesy

Despite failing to advance to the state championship, Summit golf program has a lot to look forward to in the seasons to come. The Tigers will drop Griff from the league’s roster and bring back a strong group of young and old next season.

Summit will also feature several rookie league players who will be looking to join the league roster next season after helping to win the West Slope Junior Junior Championships on Friday, September 16.

The Little Tigers finished first by 7 points, collecting 218 points to defeat Fruta Monument High School at Chipita Golf Course near Grand Junction.

Freshman Colton Jones tied for first in the Junior Championships with a 68 shot over the nine-hole court. Freshman student Ryan Lankhurst placed eighth, and freshman Jacob Knight tied for eleventh.

“I think in the coming years we will have a really good team with the next Junior and Junior Program (PGA) that will help the kids play more and more golf,” Melby said. “Hopefully, in the coming years, we’ll have a girls’ team and get them involved in some tournaments as well.”

“I am very excited about the consistency of our team going forward,” said Scholl. “The group is motivated after its failure this year, and I believe the internal competition will continue to prepare us for the success of the tournament.”

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