SJU Hall of Famers McDermott ’97 and Stewart ’06 Compete in Llanerch Charity Match

Joseph’s Hall of Fame 97 Michael McDermott and 2006 Billy Stewart competed against each other as part of the Charity Match at Lannerch Country Club last August, with all proceeds split between the J. Wood Platt Cady Scholarship Fund and the first Greater Philadelphia tee. Match for Charity – Part 1 (Front 9)

Produced by Inside Golf, and broadcast locally on NBC Sports Philadelphia on Sunday, September 25, The Match for Charity McDermott teamed up with fellow amateur Jeff Osberg against professional Stewart and Vince Covello similarly to the historic 18-hole match between amateurs Harvie Ward. and Ken Venturi vs. Pros Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson.

In an exciting event set on the final hole, The Match for Charity raised $120,000 for the J. Wood Platt Caddy Scholarship Fund, and the first tee in Greater Philadelphia.

McDermott established himself as one of the best golfers in St. Joseph’s history as he competed from 1994 to 1997. The only hawk in the program’s history to have earned the Atlantic 10 awards in all conferences three times, McDermott led the nation with nine of the top five. general. Joseph McDermott was inducted into the St. Joseph’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 2010, and had a successful amateur career that included advancing to the 16th round at the 2003 U.S. Amateur Championships, the 2007 Silver Cross Award from the Philadelphia Golf Association as the organization’s best amateur golfer, and several medals, including three Philadelphia Amateur titles (2008, 2013 and 2016).

Stewart was the first freshman in Atlantic 10 history to win a first-place finish in a conference tournament, and he made such a huge impact in his freshman year that he was named the Atlantic 10 Most Valuable Player in 2003 and the most prominent rookie awards. He did best for four seasons, set the school record and record at Robert Trent Golf Course in Ithaca, New York, by shooting 63 in his final year. A two-time A-10 All-Conference winner, Stewart was awarded SJU’s Class of 1950 award in 2006 as the Best Graduate Male Student Athlete, and was inducted into the Saint Joseph’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 2014. Twice qualified for the U.S. Amateur Championship, Stewart became a professional in 2007 and played on the Gate Tour for two years and then on the West Florida Tour from 2010-12, winning three championships before joining the Philadelphia PGA division in 2012.

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