Seahawks QB Jenno Smith talks violent drought: ‘We need to score’

The Seattle Seahawks’ offense hadn’t scored a single point in the past six quarters prior to their week three game with the Atlanta Falcons. With that backdrop, quarterback Jeno Smith stated on clear Thursday.

“We need to sign up,” Smith said via the Seattle Times. “We need to score, keep driving active, get more play, more chances, and finish driving.”

The Seahawks’ offensive didn’t score in Sunday’s 27-7 loss to San Francisco — the only points came in the return of a prohibited field goal. To be exact, the Seahawks haven’t scored in 92 minutes 24 seconds of game time. Seattle averaged 234.5 yards per game this season, the lowest in two weeks by the Seahawks since 2011 (191.5, finished 7-9).

Smith has passed under 200 yards in each of his first two games of the year but completed 81% of his passes. It’s a dink-and-dunk offense that got a little help from a running game in two weeks.

Coach Pete Carroll noted this week that he doesn’t want to “curb” Smith and the passing offense, but Smith said the way defenses play deep shell cover on DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, he’s just waiting for his time.

“We’ll take what they give us until they start playing us more covering men and getting in our faces,” Smith said. “It makes no sense to try to broadcast it just in order to do it. I will always take what they gave us and try to be efficient in attack. That is the main objective, to be efficient and to move the ball to score.”

Seattle ranks last in the NFL in big plays, 29th in scoring, and 31st in gross yards in two weeks.

Smith noted that he did not “feel the snag” due to the call-up in two weeks, although he only made one pass game longer than 17 yards in Week 2. The QB noted that the running game (32nd in the NFL) needed to step up to force Defenses to get out of their shell covers.

“As the running game starts to look more and more like we continue to maintain efficiency, they will get tired of completing and things like that,” Smith said. “They will pressure us, get in our faces, try to force us to beat them by standing behind them, which I fully trust.

“The previous two games, again, there’s been a lot of coverage. Even when there’s press coverage, safety plays out on top, so they’re really aware of No. 16 (Lockett) and No. 14 (Metcalf) there. We can expect that, they’re great players. The attack is a collective thing, it’s not one or two people, so we all have to continue to develop collectively as an offense and find ways to move the chains and score points.”

On Sunday, Smith and the Seahawks faced an Atlanta defense that ranked 22nd in passing yards allowed, tied for 27th in points in each game given up, and tied for 30th in the red. It’s a match that Smith and Co. should take advantage of. and showing the signs of life they showed in the first two quarters of the 2022 campaign.

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