Referees to consider selling liquor for Basketball Husker and Memorial Stadium renovations

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Colin) – The University of Nebraska’s Board of Regents will hold a packed meeting next Friday as it considers allowing the sale of liquor at Nebraska basketball games, beginning the renovation of Memorial Stadium, and approving a new $300. Million multimedia rights agreement.

At a September 30 board meeting in Kearney, consideration will be given to amending the university’s operations agreement with Pinnacle Bank Arena, allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages at Nebraska’s men’s and women’s basketball games starting this season.

In February, the Board of Referees updated the league’s policy on alcohol sales at sporting events, allowing alcohol to be sold at the Pinnacle Bank Arena for the Big Ten Wrestling Tournament.

“Obviously we had a great test race last year,” said University of Nebraska President Ted Carter. “So, it has been talked about for a long time, it has been studied. We know what these results are. And we will be ready to do it.”

The City of Lincoln will also participate because it owns the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The proposal before the council would send 90% of the proceeds from alcohol sales to the city and 10% to the university. There is currently no plan to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at Memorial Stadium or Haymarket Park.

As discussed at the meeting: the start of the daunting task of searching for massive renovations at Memorial Stadium. Previously, athletics director Trev Alberts sent out a questionnaire to Husker fans to gauge what changes could and should be made.

The board will vote to begin the planning process and select the program manager, design team and construction company. This approval will be earlier in the process than usual, but the university says it will allow Alberts and other university leaders to have “a team of experts at their side from day one in what is expected to be a large, highly complex and rapidly evolving process involving private fundraising, design and construction.” .”

According to the university, the project could include changes to seating and accessibility, and could also cut at least 600 seats with the potential to get more in future renovations.

“I know we’re going to have to make the stadium fit for our fans over the next 50 to 100 years,” Carter said.

Another big item on the busy agenda is the approval of a new multimedia rights agreement with Playfly Sports Properties.

The proposal is a 15-year agreement that will begin on October 1 and run until 2038.

The agreement includes the following:

$273.6 million in guaranteed revenue payments

$7.5 million signature bonus

$6.5 million in royalties (estimated)

$6.0 million capital investment

$5.5 million digital suite (web/app)

$2.25 Million for Nothing Fund

“The university’s agreement with IMG expired on June 30, 2021. Over the past year, the complexity of moving to an in-house model, as well as the changing legal, economic and political environment for collegiate athletics, have prompted Nebraska Athletics to carefully consider a return to an external multimedia rights model,” a document outlining The outline of the agreement.

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