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This week, I’m sharing a recipe for a festive roasted vegetable dish. I love sweet potatoes and when roasted they become sweet and add a creamy sweetness to any dish. We used to put sweet potatoes in the “tater box” in the garage. This box allowed the potatoes to be stored without freezing or rotting.

When my mother was a child, her family stored potatoes, turnips, apples, squash and home-canned foods in the root cellar. Root cellars were used to keep foods from spoiling before there was refrigeration and certainly before such a variety of foods were available in stores all year round. Cellars were both cool and humid environments for storing food for the winter. Sometimes you can find vines stuck in water bottles to keep them cool for winter drinking. My Aunt Carolyn has what she calls a “warm house” built on the bank of their hill. She and my uncle Eugene live on a ridge in the hills of Kentucky. She stores hundreds of jars of canned beans, corn, jams, juices, root and mashed vegetables in her warm home. Its shelves of treats and baskets of other foods bear witness to the harvest and the hard work of the year. I think the rows of jars are beautiful and reflect my family’s rich heritage of an aspect of self-preservation.

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