Polar announces GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK compatibility with POLAR GOFIT

Polar Electro enables more classes to have access to the brand’s heart rate monitoring fitness technology.

KEMPELE, FinlandAnd the September 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ – electrode (www.polar.com), the global leader in personalized fitness, sports and health guidance, has announced that the Polar GoFit app is now compatible with Google Chromebooks. Polar GoFit enables physical education teachers to objectively assess students of all ages based on their individual efforts during a physical education class with real-time tracking and assessments. Available as a free download from the Google Play Store, Polar GoFit and its personalized guidance are now available to more than 50 million students and educators who already use Chromebooks.

With Polar GoFit, teachers can view, analyze and evaluate each student’s physical activity during and after the lesson. By monitoring heart rate during training, teachers can measure a student’s exercise effort and monitor their progress. To measure their heart rate, students are provided with a polar heart rate sensor during the lesson, which can be monitored to ensure they stay within their target heart rate range, and rewarded with badges when they reach their goal. With Polar GoFit on a Chromebook, teachers can read data in real time and continue to teach the entire class while training individual students along the way. After the lesson, the data is safely uploaded and saved to polargofit.com where teachers can monitor the progress of the individual student’s training profile over time.

“For more than three decades, Polar has dedicated our education technology to PE programs around the world,” he says. Michael Valentino, Senior Director of Consumer Sales and B2B at Polar US. “It has been very rewarding to see so many students and educators positively affected by having access to their individual fitness data – and we are excited to be able to equip more classrooms with Polar fitness tools through Chromebook compatibility,” Valentino continues.

Polar GoFit benefits include:

  • Before the lesson: Teachers can manage students, set heart rate sensors, and set a target area for the lesson.
  • During the lesson: Teachers can track students’ progress in real time including their current heart rate, accumulated time in the target area, and badges collected.
  • After Lesson: Teachers can analyze summary data from the entire class including average and maximum heart rate, time accumulated in the target zone, time spent in each heart rate zone, and badges collected.
  • Plus, with Polar’s set hours, students can continue to log data offline outside of their Chromebook. This new feature gives teachers the freedom to teach the class without worrying about the range of students.

Since the early 1990s, Polar has pioneered equipping PE programs with the tools and technology to identify and assess student fitness. Collectively, the polar education technology is used in more than 10000 K-12 PE programs via United StateIncluding Byron High School in Byron, Minnesota.

Byron High School PolarGoFit has been used as a means of assessing students 9-12 in PE since 2013, and I can honestly say that this has changed the rules of the game at our school,” says Chad Rowlandson, physical education teacher, Byron Public Schools, Minnesota. Rowlandson takes the guesswork out of measuring children’s efforts because we can see how they actually do,” Rowlandson adds. It also enabled us to monitor children individually, which we can then use to assign them to certain levels – and by striving to reach higher levels every two weeks, it really brings a sense of progress and achievement that wasn’t there before. These are mixed instructions at their best.”

The Polar GoFit app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. In order to track and save heart rate data, each student must wear a polar heart rate sensor. The sensor can also be used with many other Polar products, in and out of school. The heart rate sensors can be purchased in a special pack of 10 Polar units. Schools can also purchase an annual license for polargofit.com Web service, allowing educators to securely store training information in the classroom and categorize their students based on their individual efforts.

To discover more about Polar Physical Education products, visit: http://www.polar.com/en/b2b_products/physical_education

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For over 45 years, Polar has provided health, sports and fitness guidance using the world’s best measurement technology and data-driven user insight to help people – from beginners to professional athletes – succeed in their pursuit of happier, healthier lives. Known for its unparalleled dedication to science and a deep understanding of sport, health and technology, Polar has established itself globally in the industry as the partner of choice for anyone looking to discover their true potential. Our award-winning portfolio includes wearable gym equipment that works in style with Polar training apps and cloud services.

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