Opal lost against France in the Basketball World Cup due to poor shooting and high pressure

Opals were unable to start their campaign in the FIBA ​​Women’s World Cup 2022 with a winning score, as last night fell to France 70-57 in a match that showed Opals had work to do – especially on the offensive end – to compete against the best. difference in the world.

In what was a packed Sydney superdome with a turnout of 9,291 Australian fans were out on the verge of hoping to see Opals win, but French superstar Gabe Williams had other ideas.

The pitch erupted when legend Lauren Jackson first entered the game, and the 41-year-old – who last played for Australia nine years ago – surely gave Australia some good minutes in the first half and late in the fourth quarter. .

Lauren Jackson provided some strong minutes for Opal, but the team’s shooting problems were an issue throughout the match.(AFP: Mark Baker)

Although Opals stayed within striking distance of France for the first three quarters, it was Australia’s struggles in attack that ultimately squandered their hopes of winning a comeback.

The Opals’ inability to strike meant their defense could only keep them afloat for so long, and eventually France went over the top as Williams sunk a hat-trick in the last two minutes to finish the game with 23 points on 67 points. Percent of shooting is from the field.

While Williams was an economist, Australia was not anyway. Opals delivered only 26 percent of shots from the field and 21.7 percent from depth. Paying numbers like this and a total of 57 points simply won’t get the job done at the World Cup.

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