Oklahoman staff shares recipes, stories for National Comfort Food Day

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Buttermilk cookies and gravy.  The Oklahoman file photo.[PHOTO BY DAVE CATHEY, THE OKLAHOMAN]

Comfort food – it means something different to everyone. It can be something that evokes warm memories of family time, the staple you look for in the cupboard after a long day, or just the meal you know will always deliver.

Here at Oklahoman, our staff come from quite diverse backgrounds and educations. So what do journalists, columnists, editors and other staff crave when it comes to comfort food? We asked and they shared their answers, along with some recipes.

What does comfort food say?

Jana Hayes, City Reporter: “My favorite comfort food would have to be my grandma’s – some call her Juanita, to others she’s Mawmaw or Mawmaw Nee – cookies and gravy. Every time I spent the night at her house, it did she prepare me for breakfast with sausage, eggs and toast with all the toppings we could possibly like.

“It’s really a simple recipe, and can be adjusted to your own tastes and cravings. Sometimes she will add chunks of sausage, but she knows I prefer to have my sausage patties separate and dip them in my sauce.”

pinto beans

Don Mecoy, Editor and David Dishman, Economics Editor: A jar of beans. Specifically, for Mecoy, beans and cornbread with a side of greens and a splash of vinegar.

Berry Tramel, sports columnist: “When I was a kid, my mom made two kinds of pies that we loved, egg custard and Tramel pie. Tramel pie was a concoction she made, a kind of graham cracker/nut mix. pecan, with real whipped cream on top. She didn’t have “I don’t make this often. The truth is, only my brothers and I liked Tramel Pie. No one else was too mad about it, which was fine, more for us.

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