NBA News Roundup: Analyst baffled by LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s player ratings, Ben Simmons slams Shaquille O’Neal for not reaching out to him and more

The NBA player rating has sparked many discussions, especially when it comes to stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith is the last person to comment on the ESPN list. James is ranked sixth, while Durant is ranked eighth. Smith thinks their rating is relatively low.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics have appeared in the news after coach Aim Odoka’s suspension. The former Nets assistant will not lead the team for the duration of the vacation after violating the organization’s policies. Udoka entered into an agreeable relationship with a Celtics employee.

Here’s the latest post about the NBA as of September 23, 2022.

Ime Udoka issues public apology after comment

Ime Udoka will not have a chance to lead the Boston Celtics next season. En route to his sophomore year, Odoka finds himself in the midst of a controversy that has resulted in the Celtics suspending him for the 2022-23 season.

Odoka had a consensual relationship with an employee of the organization. The Celtics made the official announcement recently. Odoka also commented on the situation, issuing a public apology to the Celtics, players, fans and his family.

This is what he said:

“I want to apologize to our players, fans, Celtics and family for letting them down. I’m sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation, and I accept the team’s decision. Out of respect for everyone involved, I have no further comment.”

According to multiple reports, assistant coach Joe Mazzola is expected to take over as Boston coach for the new season. It will be interesting to see if the Celtics can replicate their success next season without Odoka, who was instrumental in their return to the Finals.

The NBA analyst baffled by the player ratings of LeBron James and Kevin Durant

ESPN ranked LeBron James and Kevin Durant at number six and eight in its latest player ratings, respectively. Famous TV personality Stephen Smith does not approve of their positions. It is believed that the former champions deserve the top five rating. In “First Shot,” Smith said about it:

“There’s no way in hell I don’t have LeBron James and Kevin Durant in the top 5.”

James and Durant had a tough run last season for their team. The former failed to lead the Lakers to the annex berth. They finished with a record 33-49 and missed the playing championship as well. Meanwhile, Nets Durant were swept away in the first round of the playoffs against the Celtics.

This may have played a role in James and Durant’s exit from the top five in the many player ratings.

.Tweet embed Can’t believe the latest NBArank list 😂 “No way in hell are five players in the world better than LeBron James and Kevin Durant.”

Ben Simmons criticizes Shaquille O’Neal for not communicating with him

Ben Simmons has called on NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal not to communicate with him. Chuck Simmons has always been mentioned as one of his “LSU brothers” as they both attended college. The four-time NBA champion was one of Simmons’ harshest critics for a while last season before revealing that they had a conversation with each other.

During a recent appearance on the “The Old Man & The Three” podcast, Simmons castigated Shaq for not reaching out to him during his difficult phase last year, saying:

“He always wants to say, ‘We’re brothers at LSU, this and that. “If you were my brother from LSU, you would have contacted him by now.”

Luka Doncic doesn’t need another star on his team

The Dallas Mavericks will continue to count on Luka Doncic as their sole superstar for next season. Doncic has never played for an All-Star during his NBA career.

He managed to lead the Mavericks to the Conference Finals last campaign appearance. Many thought another star on the team could have seen them reach the finals next year. However, they did not add a superstar to their ranks. Doncic believes that the current team can do the championship. That’s what he said ESPN Regarding this:

“I think we have great players in our squad. There are a lot of players who are not appreciated that much and I think they should be talked about more. … I think we have a great team.”

Luka Doncic is confident in the strength of the Dallas Mavericks roster and dismisses the need for another All-Star to succeed 🗣

Kawhi Leonard cleared 5v5

Los Angeles Clippers fans will be in the spotlight as GM Lawrence Frank recently announced that franchise star Kowhi Leonard has been authorized to play a 5-on-5 drill. Leonard hasn’t played since April 2021. He suffered an injury in the AFC Champions League playoffs that year.

Kawhi Leonard was playing 5-on-5 “controlled” basketball, but the Clippers will continue to be careful.

Leonard’s absence cost the Clippers a trip to the last post-season. They are entering the new season as one of the favorites to win the Western Conference. If Leonard remains healthy, Los Angeles could have a solid chance of making his NBA Finals debut.

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