‘NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition’ coming soon with new game mode ‘The Greatest’

On September 8, 2K announced the revival of NBA 2K Arcade Edition. “NBA 2K23 Arcade Editio” has been confirmed to be released on Apple Arcade on October 18th. This is great news for many NBA 2K fans. 2K Games recently released their latest game “NBA 2K23” with multiple versions and on multiple platforms.

“NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition” will be released soon

The latest version of NBA Arcade includes a new game mode called “The Greatest”, where players compete against 76 of the greatest NBA players according to the official rankings. Last year, in 2021, the National Basketball Association celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary, and 75 players, both retired and active, were named the best players ever in the game.

Among this elite group of players are Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson and others from the 1990s and earlier. The list will also include recent hot shots and future Hall of Famers like cover boy Devin Booker, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and many more.

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According to 9to5Mac, the previous version of the sports game was listed as “Coming Soon” in Apple Arcade. Although the game won’t be released for several weeks, the official 2K newsroom has already detailed what fans can expect.

Key Features of “NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition”

2K has not revealed any additional details about the plot, but MyCAREER is undoubtedly a game mode that every NBA 2K fan has been eagerly awaiting. Players will emulate the experience of an NBA player in this mode by joining as a novice by choosing draft or connections.

MyCAREER has a lot of exciting features, such as customizing uniforms and outfits with Nike, Jordan or Adidas outfits. You can also improve your player to be the best in the league.

The League Mode is where the skills of players far from basketball will be tested. How will you assemble your team as General Manager? Will you invest in bringing in the best athletes for you, or will you develop your young stars to become the best in the league?

League mode will also put your coaching skills to the test as you pass the regular season and playoffs game after game (if you make it).

Quick Match will always be included in all NBA 2K editions. In the “NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition” lightning mode, players can control any team they want against any roster they think is worth the match. Quick Match, in addition to 5v5 games, supports street basketball in 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5 games in Blacktop mode – moreover, if you are willing to play virtual basketball matches against friends and other people online. NBA 2K supports online PvP.

All this information comes from a blog post with permission from the official 2K newsroom.

How much does it cost?

The Arcade version of NBA 2K23 will be $4.99 per month with a one-month free trial on Apple Arcade and can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. With a one-month free trial, Apple Arcade is also part of the Apple One Individual ($14.95), Family ($19.95) and Premier ($29.95) plans.

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