MLB 2022 standings: How the magic numbers and the Wild Card race will affect this weekend’s schedule

We’re heading into the penultimate weekend of the MLB 2022 regular season. The division races haven’t been very convincing, but there’s still plenty to sort out with the wild cards in every league. Here’s a primer on what’s at stake this weekend on diamonds.

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Weekend series

Yankees vs Red Sox
Rice vs Blue Jays

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The Yankees have corrected themselves somewhat after a very poor second half of the season. And most importantly, they became healthier; First base captain Anthony Rizzo, relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman, and primary pitcher Luis Severino have all returned to play in recent days. Relief Scot Evros was activated from the list of injured on Thursday. The rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox will take a back seat this weekend to Aaron Judge’s journey toward home racing history and the US triple crown. With one win over the Red Sox or one Orioles loss to Houston this weekend, the Yankees will seal a playoff for the sixth season in a row. The magic number to win division is eight.

The Rays and Blue Jays are 8.5 and 6.5 games behind the Yankees in the AL East, so the division title will likely be out of every club’s reach. But they are fighting hard for position in the AL Wild Card race. The Blue Jays are currently in first place there, two games against the Rays, who hold the second wild card. With two wins in this four-game series, Tampa Bay will clinch the tiebreak in terms of the wild card hand if the two teams finish with identical records.

the central

Weekend series schedule

rangers vs rangers
White Sox vs Tigers
Twins vs Angels

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The Guardians AL Central have put to bed for all intents and purposes with their playing this past week. Heading into their September 16 series opener against the Twins, Cleveland sat three games against the White Sox and four games ahead of Minnesota. Since then, the Guardians have won 6-1 against these two teams heading into Thursday’s series final in Chicago. The Guardians’ success cemented their lead in six games on the White Sox and nine on the Twins with only 13 games remaining. The magic number for Cleveland is seven. She’ll eventually take home the Division 4 title over the past seven seasons and open the playoffs to the No. 3 seed title, hosting the No. 6 — currently the Seattle Mariners — in a best of three series at Progressive Field.

The White Sox and Twins are effectively executed to prevent the massive collapse of the Guardians or Mariners. These two AL Central clubs are currently 5.5 and 8.5 games behind Seattle in last place for AL Wild Card. But then again, with only 13 games left to play, there likely won’t be enough time left for either of them to get into the post-season. The Guardians essentially ended the 2022 season for both teams this week.

Al West

Weekend series schedule

Astros vs. Orioles
Mariners vs Royals

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The Astros have won the AL West title for the fifth time in the previous six seasons and are close to securing the top seed in the playoffs as they have an eight-game lead over the Yankees in that coveted spot. Houston (+175) is the favorite to win the AL, according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

The Orioles’ hopes are hanging by a thread. However, it’s a major achievement late this year for a team that was widely expected to lose 100 games for the fourth consecutive full season. Baltimore, at 77-71, is the first team to come out of the playoff race at the moment, four games behind the Mariners for the third and final wild card place. However, 10 of the 14 games remaining will come against the Astros, Yankees and Blue Jays.

Conversely, the Mariners have the easiest table left of any team in baseball – but they haven’t taken advantage of that lately. The Mariners lost six of their seven games, all against the Angels and the dying Athletics. After the series finale on Thursday in Oakland, the Mariners will head to Kansas City for the games before ending their regular season with an extended stay at their home opposite the Rangers, Eyes, and Tigers. That list should be a picnic, but Seattle is making things tricky right now. The team has scored exactly one game in each of the last four defeats.

NL East

Weekend series schedule

Mets vs. athletics
Brave vs Phyllis

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The Mets have a chance to extend their current one-game supremacy over the Braves over the next five days as they face the Team A and Marlins. Meanwhile, Atlanta will be dealing with the wild-card contender Phillies for the next four days. The Mets and Braves have already grabbed an accessory berth, and it looks like we’re destined to decide that division when these rivals meet in Atlanta next weekend for a highly anticipated set of three matches.

The Phillies captured a five-game segment with a 10-game win over the Blue Jays on Wednesday. They enter Thursday 2.5 games before Milwaukee at the final NL Wild Card pier. Their schedule really loosens up after this Braves streak; The next seven matches for the Phillies team will then be against the Cubs and the Nationals.

NL Central

Weekend series schedule

Cardinals vs Dodgers
Brewers vs. Reds

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The Cardinals are in a terrible slump on the plate now that they’ve posted a big one-round total over their run in the previous 43 innings. However, there is no reason for St. Louis to panic as he is 7.5 games ahead of Milwaukee at the NL Central and is largely sitting at the No. 3 seed in the NL playoffs. The magic number for the Cardinals to win the NL Central race is six.

The Wild Card is the Brewers’ car for the playoff berth. Milwaukee, which sits 2.5 games behind Philly, needs to be running seriously for its last 13 games. They could gain some ground this weekend against the Reds who are also running. The Brewers will conclude their regular season with nine home games against the Cardinals, Marlins and Diamondbacks.

NL West

Weekend series schedule

Dodgers vs. Cardinals
Padres vs Rocky

what do you mean

The Dodgers sit nicely at 103-46. With four more wins, they will set a record for one season’s victories. They can still tie the MLB all-time record for wins in a season, but they have to lose in the last 13 games. The Dodgers are the favorites to win the 2022 World Championship as they are listed by DraftKings Sportsbook at +350. The stars come in second at +425.

While the Eastern National League runners-up — the Mets or the Braves — will get their No. 1 NL Wild Card, there is a tight ongoing battle for slots No. 2 and 3. San Diego currently holds the No. 1 thanks to a five-game winning streak heading into the final on Thursday. versus the Cardinals. This gave the Padres a 1.5-game advantage over the Phillies and a four-game advantage over the Brewers with 13 games remaining.

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