‘Like leaving England out of FIFA’

The players who make up the LIV come together to sign a letter requesting points for playing that organization’s tournaments. The message was addressed to the OWGR (Official World Ranking of Golf), whose ranking list does not include any of the tournaments they play in the Saudi-funded competition.

Already in July, the organization that manages the official standings was asked to add points for playing these tournaments, but received no response. In the letter, they wanted to sign the top stars who make up this competition, because not getting points would result in golfers not being able to play very important tournaments, including the Olympics.

Cameron Smith, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau are some of the names who wanted to sign the letter to preserve the ‘safety’ of the sport as they consider it unfair for this tournament to be an exception when it has so many top level golfers.

. Golfers state that LIV tournaments must be included to add points because not including said competition in this ranking “would be like leaving Belgium, Argentina and England out of the FIFA Ranking”. “As ranked athletes, we depend on OWGR, not only to arrange the biggest events, including the Grand Slams and Olympics, but to tell us where we stand in relation to our peers,” they wrote.

Leaf, letter

We urge you to take appropriate action to include, retrospectively, the results of LIV events in OWGR. The letter adds that ranking without LIV would be incorrect and incomplete. Additionally, he comments that “Every week that passes without the inclusion of LIV athletes undermines the historical value of OWGR.”

We call for a positive decision to be made as quickly as possible, in the interest of the integrity of the standings, the game and everyone who loves the sport. “The fact of not being able to add up points for ranking and presence. left major tournaments a drama for golfers who decided to go to the competition directed by Greg Norman.

In fact, the drop in positions on that list is already known. A concrete case was revealed in an advertisement for golfers. Dustin Johnson was used as an example to demonstrate the “unfairness” of excluding these athletes from the rankings.

“Dustin Johnson ranked 13th in the OWGR shortly before it was announced that he would play in the LIV. He is now 22nd despite finishing 8th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st in the first four LIV events,” they commented in the message.

In conclusion, golfers in the letter express the fact that “fans deserve comprehensive and correct ratings,” and the letter concludes that “not including the 48 best golfers in the world in the ranking means fans are deprived of what they deserve.”

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