Launch of the Nimde3 app that teaches IT skills in local languages

Salam Foundation


The Salam Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Slamm Technologies, an IT company that provides IT support, professional services and IT training to businesses, has launched Nimde3, a free IT training app that aims to provide on-demand IT lessons to individuals around the world. but more specifically in Ghana and Africa via several local languages.

The launch of the app comes after the Salam Foundation pledged nearly two years ago to train a million Ghanaians and Africans in a range of topics including: cybersecurity, IT fundamentals, social media, and PC repair to take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s jobs. .

The CEO of the Salam Foundation, Francesca Boateng, said the app will offer a variety of lessons to users.
“The app is available to everyone and can be downloaded on both IOS and Play Store. We have classes from basic, intermediate and advanced levels and these classes can be taken in different languages ​​ranging from Akan, Dagbani, Ewe, Hausa, English, Spanish, French, Igbo and Yoruba. Anyone who falls under these classes and languages ​​can access to it or even in any language they prefer and learn basic IT training.

She revealed that more languages ​​will be introduced to increase participation, adding that an audio version will also be provided to serve the purposes of people who prefer to listen to these courses in their preferred languages.

“As time goes by, we strive to introduce more languages ​​in order to increase the reach of people who can access the app. We are also creating an audio version where users will not need to go through the normal activity but just listen and can also share with their friends and family.”

Technical Adviser at the Ministry of Education, Sheila Nah Bwama, as the special guest for the launch, praised the management of Slamm Technologies and the basis for their ongoing efforts to promote digital inclusion, emphasizing that such an initiative is important as it will help reduce the existing gap in digital literacy.

“This is a very good start, to take lessons in various local languages ​​and I must commend the management for this initiative. It is a corporate social responsibility, and the ministry can never do everything on its own, so when other collaborators and partners join in, it helps bridge the gap in erasing Digital illiteracy and information technology.

The Ministry is always interested in such initiatives as they help drive the overall goal of digital inclusion. What they do is different as you can see, they are trying to use the local language to reach everyone, young and old, everyone in the formal and informal sectors. This will try to narrow the gap because people will go there to pick up information that will help empower themselves,” she said.

The developer of the app, Elikplim Baani, said that the app is built in a user friendly manner with easy access allowing users to navigate to learn their recorded courses without hesitation.

“The app is easier to use and navigate. Once you download the app, you can easily access it by selecting the language you prefer and then logging in your details, then you can start with the classes, from basic to intermediate and then to advanced.” .

He said users can also choose to change the languages ​​they prefer to learn even after registering with a primary language. “So the app is also designed in such a way that even if you sign up for Ewe and take a basic course or semester, it is easier to change your language to Daagbani or Spanish to continue the semester or course, it is easy and accessible.”

He added that the app was also created to give users an opportunity to recommend and make suggestions to the app developer for further addition.

“There is a section that also gives users the opportunity to write their suggestions and what they think can be done to improve the apps, so it is very similar to an app review but this gives you the opportunity to suggest and recommend how easily they are able to access the app and what can be done to improve it and I have to say those suggestions will be used and recommendations.”

The event was also attended by Gunner Hamlin, Economic Adviser to the US Embassy, ​​players in the technology industry, and the media.

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