Lakers News: Hawks Degonte Murray Looks Disappointed From LeBron James


Lakers star LeBron James smiles during a game against the Wizards in March

The $64 million All-Star had a lot to say about young Los Angeles Lakers star striker LeBron James.

The Atlanta Hawks held their media day on September 23 and new guard Dejaunt Murray spoke about James, who was his mentor.

“This is a great man,” Murray Said about James. “Great man. Great father. Great captain. Great basketball player. Someone took me under their wing about 17 years ago. So I always preach that I am grateful and grateful because I mean it and I am just grateful to have someone like this in my corner guiding me off the ground and also off the ground.” .so this is a great man and I appreciate him.”

James and Murray have the same agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. They developed a close relationship over the years, with James providing Murray with basketball and life advice.

LeBron and Murray trained together on August 20

James and Murray played Crawsover Pro-AM on August 20. Seattle fans set up camp outside the gym on August 19, once organizer Jamal Crawford announced that James was playing.

Joining James and Murray is Jason Tatum, Aaron Gordon, Isaiah Thomas, Paulo Banchero and Chet Holmgren. Unfortunately, the game has been interrupted. Soon after the match started, condensation became an issue and there were many wet spots on the field. After Milwaukee Bucks rookie Marjohn Beauchamp slipped in the second quarter, the game was called up.

James and Murray trained together after the match. Murray, who has been traded with the Hawks by the San Antonio Spurs, sent James a message on Instagram after the workout session.

“Game canceled and we went straight to rock bottom and you showed me why you are at kingjames,” Murray wrote on Instagram. “I appreciate you Big Brother but more than that, my city appreciates that you have come to touch a group of people from children to adults!!! The city of Seattle will love and respect you forever!!!”

LeBron always works

Whether he’s in Seattle or Italy, James is always working. The MVP not only worked four times with Murray in Seattle but also made sure to train his body while in Italy with his wife and friends.

James takes great care of his body. The All-Star never suffered an injury during his Hall of Fame career that required surgery and remains one of the strongest and most dominant players in the NBA despite being 37 years old.

A four-time Finals MVP, James had 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists last season in 56 starts. He scored 50 or more points twice, most notably 56 points – his highest level of the season against the Golden State Warriors on March 5th.

James had a busy summer. He played in the Drew League on July 16 and finished the season with 42 points, 16 rebounds, four assists and three assists. King also signed a two-year, $97.1 million extension with the Lakers on August 18. The extension contained 15% of the trade and made James the highest-earning player in NBA history with $532 million in guaranteed money.

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