Lakers History: Bubble Game Winner Anthony Davis vs. Denver Nuggets

With work still going on in the current season, now is the perfect time to dive into a few LakersThe game’s most memorable moments. However, the goal here is not just to remember these moments, but to remember the moments before the moment that overshadowed everything in that game, and sometimes the entire series. So let’s travel back in time and rehash some of our favorite memories of the Lakers in order to appreciate how wonderful they are.

In the third and potentially final entry for this article series, I rewatch game two of the 2020 Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and the Nuggets. As with most games during the 2020 NBA games in the Orlando bubble, the Lakers were progressing decently early on. However, that gap was quickly closed in the second half, resulting in the Lakers needing a game winner to keep the series from a 1-1 draw.

Big Men’s Battle

I wouldn’t set the scene as much for this scene as I did with Derek Fisher whistling 0.4 or the winner of a Robert Hurry vs. Kings match.

We all know how both teams got here on their second anniversary of Game 2. The Lakers had just finished beating (Russell Westbrook and) the Rockets in the conference semi-finals after beating the Trail Blazers in the first round. The hearty Nuggets in those playoffs beat the Jazz in seven games after losing 3-1 in the first round before Lakers fans gave us some hearty laughs by doing the same in the semifinals against the Clippers in one of the most notable choking jobs. You’ll see who the NBA team is.

This four-series pitted LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the Lakers against Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and the Nuggets. All four players had shining moments in the series. However, this game topped the fight between AD and Joki.

The two finished the night leading their team in scoring, with AD 31 and Jokić scoring 30. Surprisingly – especially when you have extra perspective for the past two seasons – Davis has done more damage off the paint than Jokic as the great Serbian had to get almost all of his points In a subtle and brave way (more on that later).

The nuggets are back again

The best case scenario you should be in during the NBA Playoffs series is 3-0. The second best scenario you could be in could be losing 3-1 if you were the 2020 Nuggets.

The Nuggets showed that they weren’t afraid of any helplessness up until this point in this playoff, and they showed it again during this match. Although they found themselves ahead of the game 0.1 seconds into the game, the Lakers put them on a 16-point hole once late in the second quarter and again early in the third.

The third quarter lead was 70-54, which dwindled to 74-65 before LeBron came out with 4:33 left in the frame. As has been the case with every single List Lakers we’ve seen since LeBron came to LA, things quickly went south without him on the ground as Murray and the rest of the Nuggets managed to get to the edge a few times before checking out LeBron two and a half minutes later. In that time period, the Lakers only made one field goal, resulting in a slim 78-75 advantage. Los Angeles ended up leading 82-78 in the final quarter.

Were the Lakers lucky?

We’ll get to that question above towards the end of this section. First, let’s talk about the game that LeBron James played.

He led all of the Lakers in the first half with 20 points (no other Laker at that point), however, the second half and the fourth quarter, most importantly, were pretty bad.

He forced a lot of shots to jump, and he lost all of his three three-point attempts in the final quarter. When he decided to lead, the Nuggets defense was clever in putting him in awkward situations in the middle of the paint, leaving LeBron looking a little confused about whether or not to take the ball to the edge. That led to four second-half turnovers for LeBron, with two of those occurring in the fourth quarter to match two weak points in the closing frame.

Fortunately, Anthony Davis led the Lakers as he did so many times during those playoffs, with the big man scoring 22 points on 8 of 13 field goals in the second half.

The team was also lifted by some 3-point miracle baskets, one from Rajon Rondo, one from Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pop, and one from M. You can see all three below.

Rondo isn’t too crazy, but let’s be honest… if he had missed it while you were watching live, you would have been pissed off. KCP was certainly improbable, as he raised one while the shot clock was nearing him. It wasn’t surprising to see AD during those fine days (basketball) in September 2020, however, it doesn’t seem like it could be seen doing that kind of shot these days.

Speaking of KCP and AD, this summer’s quote gave me the idea to include this in our What We Don’t Remember series…

A caveat should be included in the KCP ideas above. This was his first media appearance since the witches dealt with him with Nuggets. KCP may exaggerate his love for this list of Nuggets to love himself for fans early on.

These Nuggets didn’t win a second game in the series after winning Game 3, which took credit for the idea that they had a good chance of winning the series if they were in the better end of this Game 2.

But if we were to think of the idea of ​​a world in which Nuggets advance past the bubble Lakers, well, those closing moments would be more delightful looking back than they were right now.

The moments before The Moment

The best player in the fourth quarter was not on the Lakers team. No, that honor goes to Nikola Jokic, who scored 12 in the last quarter. He scored four field goals, all of which came in the 2:42 minute of the match. One of his four field goals was his only triple effect of the game with an open shot, however, the other three came in very difficult ways.

The hardest one can be seen first in the clip below, when Jokic grabbed Murray’s aerial shot right over the edge. Next, you’ll see a float responding to AD which came from Nuggets putting PJ Dozier on it on the ocean. Next, Jokić attempts to make the statement that he’s the best megaman on Earth by pushing AD all the way into the restricted area for an easy shot.

the end

The Lakers are now down 103-102 with 20.8 seconds remaining. The next play takes place.

There are two types of “what if?” Scenarios to discuss with this play:

  • Alex Caruso was supposed to be the hero of the evening with one of the most wide-open 3-point attempts you’ll see. However, the Nuggets had time to respond to the other end.
  • What if Murray just intercepted Danny Green’s shot in the offensive rebound instead of blocking it? Given how often Greene shot in the bubble and how fast his shot was, I bet he would have missed. The Nuggets would have been in a position to rebound, boom, and then the Lakers would be tied at 1-1 series with the potential for worse KCP concerns later.

Instead, this sweet moment happens in Kobe Bryant-inspired T-shirts (he shouted at Tallinn Horton Tucker by the way for not being injured at the end of his career when an AD truck threw him).

Number 17 and then the repercussions…

There is a happy ending we can have after the winner of the AD game which featured one of the best “Kobe!” He shoots calls that we’d probably see in an NBA game. Leading the Nuggets in five games, they beat the Miami Heat in six games to win the franchise’s 17th championship. LeBron James won the fourth championship and the fourth final MVP while Anthony Davis won his first ever episode.

These playoffs were put in the bubble after the season was suspended for months, causing the 2020-21 season to begin less than two months after the Lakers celebrated at Disney World. The demolition of the two-year championship roster began shortly after the clips stopped dropping, as Danny Green was dealt a first-round pick to Thunder in favor of Dennis Schröder.

That rupture happened faster than you might remember, as the Lakers will now head into the 2022-23 season with only two players from the 2020 Championship team: LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Given where the team is now after the massive 2021 trade to acquire Russell Westbrook, the 2020 NBA games look a lot further than two, “quick” years. We’ll see if LeBron and AD can return to their 2020 heights faster than they were when they fell, but that’s a concern for a month or so from now.

We’ll use today – or any other day for that matter – to put those fears aside to celebrate one of the Lakers’ best teams ever, and a shot from AD that helped them get to this state.

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