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Lakers Bold predictions ahead of the 2022-23 NBA season

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    We need something to revive the (mostly) drowsy period between the NBA’s free-agent craze and the 2022-23 season.

    How about a new batch of bold predictions for the Los Angeles Lakers?

    Could it all be properly broken for a deep interval thrust? Can a particular franchise face guarantee the most popular individual award in the league? Is a major business brewing behind the scenes?

    We’re cracking the crystal ball and preparing the audacity to find out.

Russell Westbrook does not open the New Year in Los Angeles

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    The Lakers seem relatively content to not be forced into a Russell Westbrook trade, and instead hope for the best and watch how it goes.

    Los Angeles is currently telling teams it is taking a “wait-and-see approach” with the 33-year-old, according to Spurs Talk’s LJ Ellis.

    It is possible that the Lakers honestly believe this still works, but what can be seen? Westbrook does not fit the list. His dominance on the ball doesn’t work in tandem with LeBron James, and his erratic shot hurts everyone around him.

    It seems more likely that Los Angeles has spared no effort in trying to weed out a nine-time All-Star (and his $47.1 million per Spotrak salary) without sacrificing each of the future first-round picks that are allowed to trade.

    At some point soon, the Lakers will acknowledge that this isn’t possible and will pool those choices with Westbrook to take him out and bring in a shareholder or two who actually fit into that group.

LeBron James wins Fifth Player of the Year award

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    Adam Pantozi/NBAE via Getty Images

    This prediction has to be the boldest on this list, if not so strange as to qualify for consideration. 37-year-old crowned the best player in the NBA? After his team booked one playoff and scored zero wins over the previous two seasons? Impossible, right?

    In all other cases, this would probably be true, but LeBron James is the absolute exception.

    He’s clearly not bound by the same rules of aging as the rest of us mere mortals. Last season, he had the second highest scoring average of his legendary career (30.3 points per game). In two of the past five years, he’s ranked second in the MVP vote.

    If he can stay healthy and solve the mystery of this list, prize voters will be willing to shower him with praise.

    James’ numbers still top player – plus points, he averaged 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists while shooting 52.4 percent off the field last season – so if he’s healthy and the Lakers are more competitive than expected, He’d be better at securing those devices than anyone else.

Lakers win multiple playoff series

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    Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

    You could argue that the real bold move here would be to invite a championship, but that seems very far from reality.

    make sure it could It happens, but this club lost 49 games last season and failed to add the difference maker this summer. Even the most daring prediction needs a better chance of coming to fruition than this would allow.

    Saying all that, the Lakers stand a chance of being pretty special – if everything Just right breaks.

    There are still many talented teams like James and Anthony Davis. If LA is brokering a blockbuster Westbrook and sacrificing both first rounds, that should bring back at least one good player. Patrick Beverly should fit in with the Los Angeles stars. All the young players have the chance to enjoy their strongest season yet.

    You can see how this club can be a match issue, to the point where their winning streak is not far from the table.

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