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Knicks Bold Predictions Ahead of the 2022-23 NBA Season

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    The New York Knicks are always worth watching—for better or worse—and that’s as true as ever as the 2022-23 NBA season approaches.

    Collectively, they are on their way to erasing memories of a rough 2021-22 campaign. Individually, there are players like Jalen Brunson, RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson trying to prove they are worthy of the huge financial deals they signed this summer, as well as a host of potential clients looking to gain traction early in their careers.

    The Knicks may be a mess, but he could also prove to be a troublesome contender in the Eastern Conference elimination race.

    To see what this team can achieve, let’s make three bold predictions for the upcoming season.

Knicks Submit 2 to All Stars

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    The Knicks haven’t had multiple stars since Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler scored points in their 2013 game. This group has a chance to weather this drought.

    Now, New York needs a huge hit for this to happen, since the bottom nutrients are never so well represented in the world’s greatest little game. If the team meshes early and often, this can open the door for players to earn an invite.

    Julius Randle is the most likely candidate for a spot, if only because only one season was left out of getting the nod. Until last season, when his numbers fell across the board, he still had star-count categories with 20.1 points, 9.9 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game.

    For the second invite, you’ll likely land with RJ Barrett or Jalen Brunson. The former paired with a 20-point average with the best defense of his career last season, while the latter engineered a breakthrough on his own. Both should be getting a lot of attention after signing huge contracts this off season.

Mitchell Robinson makes an all-defensive team

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    Mitchell Robinson is physically gifted even by larger-than-life NBA standards.

    For someone who is 7 feet tall and tip the scales at 240 pounds, it boasts great movement and a lot of bouncing. When he’s healthy and contacted, those natural gifts have allowed him to serve as scary paint.

    But injuries have held the 24-year-old back in the past. Inconsistent play has done the same. Last season, his flaws reduced his playing time (25.7 minutes per outing, down from 27.5 the year before), and ended up posting the worst plus/minus defensive chest of his career (1.2, per reference basketball).

    However, he has played 72 games at his highest professional level, so he may have put his health concerns behind him. He’s also got a paycheck this summer, so he’ll probably be more comfortable and safer in place than ever before.

    Deal with the awareness that comes from spending four seasons in the league and all the defensive advice passed on by Knicks captain Tom Tebodeau, and the stars can team up with Robinson for his first defensive honor.

New York Skips Play-In Tournament, Snags Postseason Spot

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    As frustrating as the 2021-22 campaign was for Knicks fans, the team wasn’t disastrously bad. It’s ranked 19th in both the winning percentage and net rating, per, which isn’t perfect but it’s not a vault thing either.

    New York needed to strengthen the point guard and it appears they have done so with Bronson. The front yard has become more dynamic with the addition of Isaiah Hartenstein. The entire set of possibilities should be improved after the development season ends.

    In other words, the Knicks have not been near the bottom of the group and they have a lot of different avenues for an upward movement.

    If they get enough breaks, not only can they return to the playoffs, but they can also do so with the top six seed outnumbering them after the playing cycle.

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