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The defending champion Los Angeles Rams defeated the Buffalo Bills – the 2022 Super Bowl odds-makers – to begin the NFL season Thursday night. When the dust settled, only one team looked the part.

The Bills has never played a perfect game by any means. Josh Allen has a pair of objections. Zach Moss had a belated confusion that gave L.A. his last moments. Rookie James Cook fumbles as he runs backwards on his first pro campaign.

However, Buffalo still dominates the game in almost every way imaginable. Leslie Frazier’s defense confused Matthew Stafford early on and often. Offense pressed throughout the match. Former Ram-turned-Bill Von Miller? Still a difference maker.

The bottom line: Bills 31, Rams 10. Had it not been for Buffalo’s mistakes, it would have been uglier.

Buffalo came into the season without any glaring weaknesses. The Bills had a few questions, but they answered most of them on Thursday. One game won’t determine the season, but it looks like Shawn McDermott’s team is the one to beat right now.

Josh Allen’s evolution continues

The biggest reason Buffalo is considered a Super Bowl contender is because of Allen’s presence. The 26-year-old Wyoming producer is an example of a modern-day NFL quarterback. He’s big, powerful, can throw the ball anywhere on the field and can run around and through defenders.

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Josh Allen’s strong arm was filthy 🤧

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But what really makes Allen amazing is the growth he’s shown over the past four years. He was incredibly rude after college — Allen finished his 2018 junior campaign with a measly 67.9 kameez rating. That’s less than New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson (69.7) scored as a rookie last year.

Since then, Allen has gradually improved. He was a professional soccer player in 2020 and took the bills in a few games of last season’s AFC title match, throwing nine touchdown passes and not being intercepted in two playoffs. On Thursday, he displayed the kind of precision and field awareness that seemed unfathomable during his inauguration season.

Allen completed 26 of 31 attempts and hit seven different receivers against Los Angeles. Those two objections look bad on the stats sheet, but one was a drop by Isaiah McKenzie.

The Rams’ defense – still loaded with talent, even after Miller’s departure – struggled to contain Allen after he entered the first half with a 10-10 draw. His final base streak: 297 yards passing, three touchdowns, two interceptions, 56 yard dash, one fast touchdown.

Allen appears to be an early MVP favourite.

Questions asked and answered (mostly)

The biggest questions surrounding Fallow have included the departure of offensive coordinator Brian Dabol and recipients Emmanuel Sanders and Cole Beasley. Daboll has led the game’s offensive planning since Allen was a rookie, while Sanders and Beasley combined for 1,319 yards and five touchdowns in 2021.

Under new coordinator Ken Dorsey, the Buffalo offense missed a beat on Thursday. Dropping 31 points on the defending Super Bowl champion doesn’t happen by chance.

And while replacing Sanders and Paisley’s tandem may be a challenge, Gabby Davis has settled well as the new second goal against Stefon Diggs.

Diggs led Buffalo with eight grabs for 122 yards and a touchdown, and gave Davis (four grabs, 88 yards, 1 TD) a lot of minor trouble in Los Angeles as well.

Buffalo had high expectations about Davis coming into the regular season.

“When I was at the Bills camp, I was told for certain that his four-way loss in the playoffs in Kansas City was the start of something big, not a coincidence,” Peter King Written by ProFootballTalk. “It’s a factor, and Josh Allen sees it as a great complement – not a far off number – for Diggs.”

So far, Davis has not disappointed.

The few problems the bills showed on Thursday appear to be mostly correctable. Each of Allen’s interceptions included his own aperture receivers – he was a little off the mark for Jamison Crowder in a second. Buffalo will need to find some reliability there. The running game is also still in progress.

Allen Beals led fast, while Devin Singletary, Moss and Cook combined for 65 yards. The fumbling did not help the case on the ground. It should be noted that Singletary (6.0 yards per carry) and the running game as a whole (121 yards, 4.8 yards per carry) were effective.

The safety of the ball can be emphasized, and Dorsey can figure out a plan to bring the game to the ground. Perhaps the biggest question remaining is how good Buffalo can be when playing four full quarters of clean football.

von miller factor

We can’t talk about how dominant Thursday’s bills will be without mentioning Miller. Longtime Denver Broncos star and future Hall of Famer helped the Rams win the LVI Super Bowl in February, and helped put them out in the first week.

Miller, who finished with four tackles, two tackles and three tackles for a loss, was almost unstoppable at times. If he lost a step at the age of 33, it’s not clear.

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The King of the Ghost Move VonMiller

Although Miller is impressed on his own, his effect on Bills’ defensive front may be more eyebrow-raising. Buffalo was top in the league defense and scored 42 sacks last season but didn’t have “that guy” who could pull the team’s attention to the edge.

Mario Addison led Buffalo with seven sacks in 2021, and was the only player to have more than four.

Miller is that guy, and he’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for AJ Epenesa and Boogie Basham. Stafford was sacked seven times on Thursday, made three interceptions and rarely looked comfortable in his pocket.

Aside from Cooper Kupp (13 catches and 128 yards and landings), most of the Rams’ attacks seemed of some sort.

While Bills’ defense was really impressive, Miller makes it more dangerous, and that’s a problem for the other 15 teams in the AFC. Even when the Buffalo offense makes mistakes, as it did against Los Angeles, the defense will likely force the same number.

On Thursday, the Bills showed the NFL world that it would take an almost perfect game by a very talented – and perhaps a little lucky – team to beat them in 2022.

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