Joe Rogan reveals how ‘smart’ LeBron James spends a million dollars as a fan

Joe Rogan is a sports and fitness enthusiast. The comedian has his eyes all over him when it comes to new exercise techniques and physical therapies. On multiple occasions, the podcast has emphasized the importance of redemption.


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The same UFC commentator, LeBron James, discussed how smart it is to spend millions on recovery.


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Comedians Tony Hinchcliffe and Hans Kim Rogan accompanied the podcast. During the conversation, Hinchcliffe revealed that he shares the same area with the basketball player and that they attended competing schools.

Joe Rogan calls LeBron James smart to prioritize recovery

Upon hearing this, Rogan asked out of curiosity, Did you play against LeBron James…? In response the comedian said, “I am a wrestler, and wrestling and basketball are both winter sports. So we went against each other in both. He watched me wrestle and I watched him play basketball.”

Rogan inquired as well, “Do you remember him?” Hinchcliffe replied, “Oh my God, yeah, it was the news. It was literally in the local news like 15. Every night. … It was good.”

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On top of that in the conversation, Rogan talked about James’ inclination towards physical therapy and recovery while also talking about the crazy amount of money he’s spending on it.

JACKSONVILLE, FL – APRIL 24: Joe Rogan during the UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal 2 Event at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on April 24, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Louis Grass/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Rogan said, “This guy spends over a million dollars a year on massages, therapy, and taking care of his body.”

Kim shouted“needs that”. whileAnd the Rogan concluded: “Clever”.

How did the podcast episode happen?

The podcast was hosted by the same comedians who performed on Rogan’s recent tour of Columbus. They built the show on a huge scale and saw a huge crowd attending the event.


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They were also treated to a surprise when comedy legend Dave Chappelle appeared on stage. Rogan described the moment: “Probably the greatest round of applause I’ve ever seen. Probably not, for sure.” Furthermore, Chappelle gave a surprising performance.


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Joe Rogan will go on other comedy tours across the United States.

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