Jacki Corser: Keeping Christmas dining simple

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Over the next two weeks leading up to Christmas, I thought it was fitting to present some easy-to-make lunch, brunch, and dinner recipes that you might not have thought of to feed your family and friends. friends. After the formal dinners that many of us featured on Thanksgiving, a more low-key food selection on Christmas Eve and Christmas might be what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a slow cooker meal, an easy baked meal, or a cold presentation, we as hosts can have a successful get-together with any of the following recipes. These recipes are easily executed for hosts when properly planned and will provide an enjoyable and relaxing event for all.

The first Christmas recipe is a meal soup. When paired with warm, homemade toast and a crisp salad, it creates a relaxing time at home with guests.

The second recipe, I serve this little gem with fresh fruit or yogurt.

The third recipe is “Who doesn’t like hot cakes”? I had to include this recipe.

Finally, a warm, light and delicious Christmas muffin.

I crafted all of these items and turned them into a mini self-serve brunch buffet. Customers can then select the foods they want to eat. These recipes are meant to be yours, so play around with them to make it.

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