J Balvin launches a new mental health app

The app is a creative wellness tool for transforming emotions into creative actions.

This idea was inspired by Palvin’s personal experiences with his mental health, who said publicly that he was depressed but that it was not an obstacle to fulfilling his dream of music.

“This is one of my biggest dreams because it comes from my heart,” Palvin told TechCrunch in an interview. “I’m as human as anyone else and I felt I had this mission to make the world a better place starting with mental health.”

The company said that while he is a co-founder, Balvin will be the director of Dream -CDO-, and the Colombian’s role will also be to help propel the team to a “bigger dream”.

According to an internal study by OYE, 92% of participants in Latin America have a negative view of mental health and mental health services. This was one of the motivations for launching the app.

From the start, the team wanted to create a platform that helps people feel better across the Americas. To achieve this mission, they knew that their application had to be fully bilingual.

“The entire design and creation process was done in both languages,” Dodd said. “It is part of our DNA. And I think we are also very inspired by our co-founder and director of Sueños, Jose, who has sung in Spanish throughout his career, even when he was under a lot of pressure to become a world star. He has always been true to where he comes from and thinks he is from It is very important to defend Spanish as a global language.”

“On my own journey, I’ve found it difficult to find my creativity while dealing with personal mental health struggles,” J Balvin shared to TODAY. “However, after understanding and harnessing the creative powers of wellness and using my creative vision to provide real solutions for me, I was able to feel better and express myself in new ways that I didn’t know were possible.”

The app has been publicly in the making, OYE founders Mario Chamorro and Patrick Dodd told TODAY. They officially started building the app with Balvin in late 2021. The name of the app was chosen after Chamorro and Dowd discussed how they could increase the amount of meaningful listening for people.

The app is available in both Spanish and English and is designed to identify feelings, set goals for emotional transformation and bring people’s potential to life through creative wellness practices for people to bring emotional balance, physical health and relationships into their daily routine.

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