‘It’s a pity it’s not a part’: After months of scrutiny of the LIV golf movement, Phil Mickelson finally gets cleared from PGA Tour Pro amid recent changes

Phil Mickelson’s move to LIV Golf has been well received since the news was announced. Furthermore, the golfer has received a lot of disturbing comments about the PGA Tour. However, the American Tour has changed the way they operate since Phil’s exit. A pro on the PGA Tour recently revealed his feelings for Mickelson who lost the latest changes to the 92-year-old Tour.

Although Phil Mickelson did not quit his membership on the PGA Tour in his life, his comments on his previous tour were not well received. Mickelson asked,hateful greedAnd how the tour doesn’t pay golfers well.

However, the PGA Tour has undergone several changes since Mickelson’s departure, which also includes an increase in prize money. PGA Tour pro Xander Schaufelle recently revealed his thoughts on Phil’s inability to play in the new era of the PGA Tour, while also paying respects to the 52-year-old Hall of Famer.

Scheufele speaking on Phil Mickelson


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Xander Schauffele has been invited to the popular golf podcast, dropzone. The 28-year-old spoke about the changes to the PGA Tour, his negotiations with LIV Golf, and offered insight into his life. But the main topic that caught everyone’s attention was his comments on Phil Mickelson.

shovel He saidThe main points he was trying to make, and what he really wanted to see, you know, we’re probably living through right now on the PGA Tour. It’s a pity that he’s not a part of that, because that’s what he wanted so much.”

Xander Shaveli then talked about how Phil had to choose the right tour for him. While referring to Mickelson, Chauvel He saidHe knew it would take something drastic and he had to choose which side of the fence he wanted to be on. It was a staple of the PGA Tour and our golf game.”.


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Unlike most other PGA Tour pros, Xander Schauffele reveals that he holds no grudges against Phil Mickelson for his involvement in Saudi-backed LIV Golf. “I don’t hold anything against it or think of it completely differently, no matter what people have written about it’,” said the 28-year-old Tour professional.

Golf – Inaugural LIV Golf Invitational – Centurion Club, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, UK – June 10, 2022 Hy Flyer’s Phil Mickelson of the United States during Round Two REUTERS/Paul Childs

However, the tour brought about all the changes Mickelson once desired. With Phil and several other defectors suing the PGA Tour to suspend their tour membership, we might be able to see Phil Mickelson again on the US Tour.


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Did Mickelson regret his decision to leave the PGA Tour? Let us know in the comments section below.

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