How to Make Assassin’s Spaghetti: Calabrian Chile Pepper Pasta Recipe

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One such dish is Assassin’s Spaghetti, which Munno shares on TikTok with a dramatic hair flip. Just as pasta making is in Munno’s blood, so is a love of storytelling. “I come from a family of dumb people and Naples has a huge theatrical community,” she explains. “Between that and the telenovelas my nonna made me watch with her religiously, I grew up with the idea that life is so much more fun if you add a little drama to it.”

The story behind Assassin’s Spaghetti, hailing from Puglia, centers around the kind of gorgeous woman Munno channels. Legend has it that a drunken cook at a Bari restaurant was so distracted by a passing beautiful woman that he put uncooked spaghetti straight into a cast iron pan of simmering tomato sauce overloaded with chillies. He corrected the mistake by turning the sauce into a sort of broth and cooking the risottata pasta, then serving it to a guest who, after tasting the spice, said, “What are you trying to do – kill me?”

The recipe has gone viral, Munno suspects, because it is controversial. “We toss the completely raw spaghetti into the spicy sauce, then use a tomato-based broth to cook it like you would risotto, without moving it,” she explains. “You let it cook in one spot so the bottom develops that delicious burnt crust. When the tomato chars a bit, it really adds an extra kick.

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