Grizzly Bear hits 9-year-old boy on Moose Hunt in Alaska

A 9-year-old boy and a male relative were hunting elk north of Anchorage, Alaska, on Tuesday when an adult grizzly bear attacked them. According to the Anchorage Daily News, the adult bear, who had a cub, beat the young hunter. The oldest family member, 41 years old, managed to shoot and kill the bear during the attack. The older fisherman sustained minor injuries and both fishermen were taken to Matt Sue Regional Medical Center for care.

The younger victim was seriously injured but was in stable condition by Wednesday. Because of his young age, it was likely that he was doing the stalking. Officials did not name any of the fishermen.

Officials searched for the missing cub on the ground and by helicopter, but they did not find it. If the bear is found, it will be euthanized.

Todd Rinaldi, regional management coordinator for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said in an email to the Anchorage Daily News.

An autopsy was performed on the adult bear to determine if it was the same animal that raided the chicken cages in Palmer. However, officials decided it was likely not the same bear.

According to CBS, the two fishermen were just 35 miles outside of Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city.

Bear attacks in Alaska

There have been at least six other bear attacks reported in Alaska this year ranging from near-miss to fatal. On September 9, an animal hunter on the killing site found the killing site and charged a grizzly and destroyed it. His hunting partner shot him (you can read the full story of that story here).

On May 10, a group of American soldiers were exploring a navigation path when they came across a bear. The grizzly attacked no warning, and one of the soldiers was killed by the grizzly bear. A man was treated in hospital last month after he surprised a brown bear with a cub in the Eagle River. In mid-August, a woman was seven miles down a paved walking path when she encountered a bear. They circled each other for several minutes and hit the bear at the woman, making the call twice before a noisy passerby caused the bear to back off.

Earlier this month, a hunter was approached by a bear he thought was dead when it got up and attacked. The man was injured but others in his hunting group managed to shoot the bear and scare it. Recently, a man was seriously injured in an attack before he could deter the bear with bear spray.

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