First Green Bay Packer bobblehead honors his ‘Alien Lizard’ title

Adam Rogan

Milwaukee – Allen Lazard gets his first femoral head. It comes with exotic lizards.

Since the wide receiver left Iowa State University and joined the Green Bay Packers as an unpolished free agent prior to the rookie season in 2018, Lazard quickly attracted affection from Packer fans and earned a nickname: Alien Lizard.

Now, his first-ever doll pays tribute to that title.

The Milwaukee-based National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum released the first Lazard bobblehead on Friday.

While the bobblehead design is fairly standard—Lazard holds a soccer ball while wearing his green and gold Number 13 uniform, the blond slit in his short slash and his smiling face ready to bob—at his feet are a pair of green and gold lizards.

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According to the Bobblehead Hall of Fame, Lazard’s bobblehead game originated from smartphones that automatically correct his name when typing from “Allen Lazard” to “Alien Lizard”.

Lazard proudly adopted the nickname fans gave him. for him Twitter profile picture It is literally a lizard wearing a crown.

After years of playing the role, Lazard is now #1 on the Packers’ wide receiver depth chart. After missing the first game of the season through injury, Lazard earned his first two assists and his first touchdown of the season on Sunday in a Green Bay home win against the Chicago Bears.

Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavic said the season debut for Allen Lazard is a big deal from a performance and leadership perspective.

Bubbles enter the era of smartphones

Despite the classic appearance, these new hornets also incorporate new technology. Thanks to a partnership with, anyone with a smartphone can “scan” a Lazard bobblehead using the augmented reality app “AR Bobbles”. The app will then recognize the bobblehead as a Lazard, and pull up a page with Lazard’s stats and highlights.

The technology has entered the market within the past five years and can be used on some of the wasps depicting other stars such as Milwaukee Priors Christian Yelich and Giannis Antikonmo of the Milwaukee Bucks.

“BobblesGalore is thrilled to partner with Allen Lazard on his first bobblehead game,” BobblesGalore President, Isaac Lakritz, said in a statement. “We are pleased to continue our tradition of providing creative bobbleheads to collectors and fans.”

“We are excited to be collaborating with BobblesGalore and Allan Lazard for this one-of-a-kind bobblehead game,” added the co-founder and CEO of the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and National Museum.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum opened in February 2019. It is located at 170 S. First St. in Milwaukee.

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