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FARGO – The 2022 girls’ golf season brought Fargo Oak Grove’s success against the backdrop of the team’s best statistical season in the school’s history.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, they head to Souris Valley Golf Course in Minot to compete in the Class B state championship.

Of the nine championships this season, Grovers have won seven on their way to the Class B District 2 Championship. The team that bested them in those two encounters was the eight-time state champion Kindred Vikings.

As a team, Oak Grove shot an average of 360 degrees, the lowest in the school’s history. Senior leader Sophie Brantner—who won this year’s District Golfer of the Year—has an average of 76, also the best in the school’s history, with the state finals looming.

Sophie, along with sisters Josie Brantner and Sylvie Brantner, and teammate Lauren Holstad, also took home all-terrain honors.

Since the start of the season, the team has been able to make strides, said Oak Grove area coach Len Brantner.

“It was fun to see the growth,” Brantner said. “My team’s motto for the girls is to have fun every day and get better a little. They really embraced it and tried to do it. It was fun seeing the improvements in the girls right from the start. In golf, in just a couple of months, you can make a lot of improvement.”

Outside of the major Sophie, the Grovers are a young team. However, the mix of young and old students was beneficial because they “not only compete, but become friends and get to know[each other],” Brantner said.

“In most sports, the old and young don’t spend much time with seventh or eighth graders, for example. But they do in golf.” Golf and how to learn the game. It’s really great to see.”

On the individual level, Sophie Brantner will attempt to chase after Kindred’s Avery Bartels, who beat her in the District Championship. Since the two had been fighting on golf courses over the years, they formed a friendship.

Kindred’s Avery Bartels (left) and Fargo Oak Grove’s Sophie Brantner (right) pose together after meeting earlier this season
Oak Grove Golf

“Obviously Avery is a great golfer,” said coach Brantner. “It’s been great for Sophie over the years to play with her to get Sophie to get better. I think Sophie beat her twice in the last couple of years. So she didn’t beat her that much, but she was able to be near her and learned a lot in terms of how to play better. Those two have become The two are actually good friends, which is kind of fun.”

Between routine visits and competing in the North Dakota women’s amateur event at Souris Valley Golf Course, the team has some familiarity with the course.

Coach Brantner notes that the course will favor precision, not just strength.

“From a course perspective, it’s a really good course and it’s good for a straight shot,” he said. “It’s not so much about the benefits of length as it is about the accuracy or the golf course. If you hit it straight – no matter how hard you shoot it – you’ll get a good shot.”

Brantner’s sisters Sophie, sophomore Josie and seventh grader Sylvie compete for Oak Grove on Mondays and Tuesdays, along with sophomores Lauren Holstad, 8th grade Josie Geiger and 7th grader Elie Zuger.

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