Famous Family Ties for MLB Draft 2022 Options

When the Orioles and D-backs took over Jackson Holiday – son of Matt Holiday – and Drew Jones – son of Andrew Jones – in the first two picks on Sunday, it was the first time in MLB draft history the former gangsters went 1-2. But they were far from the only players who were taken with a famous relative.
Here’s a look at the 2022 recruits with legacy in baseball or elsewhere, in order by when they were selected.
player: Jackson Holliday, SS, Stillwater (Okla.) HS (No. 2 prospect)
coined: #1 overall, Orioles
relatively: Matt Holiday (Father, 15 MLB seasons)
Jackson’s father, Matt, was a seven-time All-Star, 2007 NBA batting champion, MVP in the NL Series ’07 Rock Mountain, and won the World Championship ring with the Cardinal in ’11. He’s packed 316 homers over his 15-year MLB career and has not just one son, but two — Jackson’s younger brother, Ethan, is one of the nation’s elite high school prospects — rising toward the ranks of professional baseball.
player: Druw Jones, OF, Wesleyan (Ga.) HS (Prospect No. 1)
coined: No. 2 in general, d-back
relatively: Andrew Jones (Father, 17 MLB seasons)
His father won the Golden Glove 10 times at center field and made 434 home runs during an impressive 17-year career in the Major League. And Drew has the talent to make his dad run for his money when all is said and done, with formidable strength from the right side of the board and great defensive instincts in midfield.
player: Kumar Ruker, RHP, No School (Possible #38)
coined: Number 3 in general, Rangers
relatively: Tracy Rucker (father, NFL player)
Kumar got his sport from Abi Tracy, who is in the College Football Hall of Fame and played two seasons in the NFL before settling into a coaching career. He currently works as a defensive line coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.
player: Elijah Green, OF, IMG Academy (Possible #3)
coined: Number 5 in general, citizens
relatively: Eric Green (father, NFL player)
This year’s draft is filled with sons of the former MLB All-Stars, but Elijah’s father, Eric, was a top player in another sport. The older Green played a decade in the NFL as a tight end. He made two Pro Bowls as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1993 and ’94 and was named to the All-Rookie team in 1990.
player: Jacob Berry, 3B/OF, LSU (possibility #7)
coined: No. 6 overall, Marlins
relatively: Berry Berry (Father, 4 seasons of MiLB)
Perry, a player from Louisiana at Lafayette, was taken in the fourth round of the 1990 draft by the Astros and spent four seasons in their system.
player: Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Poly (Probability No. 5)
coined: Number 8 in general, twins
Relatives: Larry Lee (father, Cal Polly’s head coach); Terry and Mike Lee (uncles); Tom Lee (grandfather, Cal Polly Huff coach)
Baseball is the generational love of the Lee family. Brooks played for his father, Larry, who had been a baseball coach at Cal Poly since 2003. Uncle Terry was a first-round favorite for the Giants in 1974 and also played for the Brewers system. Uncle Mike was one of the Younger Giants from 1974 to 1975.
player: Gavin Cross, OF, Virginia Tech (No. 10 prospect)
coined: No. 9 overall, Royals
relatively: Adam Cross (Father, 3 seasons of MiLB)
Adam Cross spent his short career as a player with the Braves and Padres, although he never got past the A-ball.
player: Gabe Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga (No. 26 prospect)
coined: No. 10 overall, the Rockies
relatively: Donald Hughes (grandfather, 3 seasons of MiLB)
Donald played for the Cubs and Tigers systems from 1960 to 1962, before Major League Baseball established the Amateur Project.
player: Jace Jung, 2B, Texas Tech (probable No. 9)
coined: Number 12 in general, tigers
relatively: Josh Jung (probable Rangers brother)
Josh Jung also attended Texas Tech and was selected by the Rangers with the No. 8 pick in the 2019 MLB Draft. Left shoulder surgery last February delayed his arrival at the Majors, but Josh is the No. 30 player in the MLB.
player: Justin Crawford, Bishop Gorman (Neff.) H.S. (Prospect No. 13)
coined: No. 17 in general, Phillies
relatively: Carl Crawford (Father, 15 MLB seasons)
Justin’s father, Carl, made four All-Star teams—he won the 2009 All-Star Game of the Year—and led AL in robberies four times during nine seasons with Tampa Bay. Like his father, Justin is a left-handed athlete and hitter with a plus speed.
player: Cam Collier, 3B, Chipola (Fla.) College (No. 8 prospect)
coined: No. 18 overall, Reds
relatively: Lou Collier (Father, 8 seasons MLB/Royals pro scout)
Although Lou didn’t get much playing time – he’s appeared in 315 games over the course of his eight seasons – he has had more success in retirement, and is currently working as a scout in the Royal Family.
player: Daniel Susak, C., Arizona (possibility #12)
coined: A’s, No. 19 overall
relatively: Andrew Susak (brother, 6 MLB seasons)
Andrew Susak was drafted by the Giants in the second round of the 2011 MLB Draft. Andrew was also a pickup, and served as Buster Posey’s backup during the 2014 Giants World Championship Series.
player: Robert Moore, 2B, Arkansas (Possible No. 108)
coined: Round CB-B (No. 72 overall), beer makers
relatively: Dayton Moore (father, Royals president of baseball operations)
Dayton Moore has been at the helm of Kansas City City since 2006, when his son was just 4 years old. Sixteen years, two major league titles and a world championship later, Robert is preparing to build his own legacy in professional baseball.
player: Tucker Toman, 3B, Hammond (SC) HS (No. 35 prospect)
coined: 2C (No. 77 overall), Blue Jays
relatively: Jim Toman (father, Middle Tennessee coach)
Jim Toman has served as head coach of baseball for Central Tennessee since 2019, spending nine seasons (2008-16) coaching at Liberty University.
player: Silas Ardoin, CI, Texas (Possible No. 146)
coined: Round 4 (No. 107 overall), Orioles
relatively: Danny Ardoin (Father, 5 MLB seasons)
Danny, who is also a catcher, has spent his Major League career with the Twins, Keepers, Rocky, Orioles and Dodgers.
player: Jacob Waters, RHP, West Virginia (Possible No. 154)
coined: Round 4 (No. 124 overall), A
relatively: Jason Michaels (cousin, 11 MLB seasons)
Michaels, a defensive player, was a fourth-round pick in 1998 and spent time with the Phillies, Indians, Pirates and Astros.
player: Kid Hunter, C., Virginia Tech (No. 145 prospect)
coined: 5th round (#153 overall), Reds
relatively: Scott Hunter (Father, Director of Scouting at the Mariners)
As the director of the Boy Scouts in Seattle, Scott Hunter knows a strong possibility when he sees one — so it’s only fitting that his son, Kid, is a well-known hunter.
player: Sean McClain, SS, Arizona (No. 161 prospect)
coined: 5th round (#165 overall), Dodgers
Relatives: Matt and Nick McClain (the brothers, potential No. 3 player for the Reds, play baseball at UCLA)
Older brother Matt, who was essentially a shortstop, was the Reds’ first-round pick in 2021. That same year, younger brother Nick was a high school candidate before deciding to enroll in UCLA.
player: Douglas Hudow, Texas (No. 223 prospect)
coined: Round 6 (No. 167 overall) Orioles
relatively: Doug Hudow (father, 1983 CWS Texas team member)
Like his son, Doug Hoodoo played baseball in Texas in his younger days, being a member of the 1983 Longhorns Championship team. One of Doug’s teammates that season was Roger Clemens, who had three sons recruited by league clubs.
player: Mason McGwire, RHP, Capistrano Valley (California) HS
coined: Eighth round (#233 overall)
relatively: Mark McGuire (Father, 16 MLB seasons)
McGuire’s father, Mark, was a 12-time All-Star, three-time Silver Slugger, 1987 AL Rookie of the Year, and 1990 AL Gold Glove first base winner. His 583 home career is number 11 in major league history, and he at one point held the home record for one season after firing 70 in 1998. Unlike his father, Mason would strive to make a name for himself on the hill.
player: Caden Dana, RHP, Don Bosco Prep (NJ) (possible number 119)
coined: Round 11 (#328 in total), Angels
Relatives: Colin and Casey Dana (Brothers, Mossman MiLB; Chosen Angels from the 16th round)
Coleen Dana, the eldest in the family, was recruited in 2018 by Padres and released in March 2022 due to injuries. Meanwhile, Casey, a graduate student at UConn, was selected by Halos on Tuesday, in the Round of 16.
player: Kyle Nevin Baylor
coined: Round 11 (#345 overall) Dodgers
relatively: Phil Nevin (father, Angels manager/12 MLB seasons); Tyler Nevin (brother of Orioles, third baseman)
Kyle’s father, a longtime coach who was recently promoted to interim manager at Anaheim, was formerly most famous for being the player who drafted five points over Derek Jeter in 1992. Big brother Tyler was the first manager of 2015 to debut in 2021.
player: Caden Marcum, RHP, Paola (Cannes) HS
coined: Round 13 (#379 overall) Rangers
relatively: Sean Marcum (Uncle, 9 MLB seasons)
Shawn had his best years on the hill in Toronto and Milwaukee, and at his peak from 2008-12, he reached 3.57 ERA and 1.18 WHIP over the course of 671 1/3 innings.
player: Marquis Grissom Jr., RHP, Georgia Tech
coined: Round 13 (No. 381 in total), Citizens
relatively: Marquis Grissom (Father, 17 MLB seasons)
The elder Grissom, who has spent time with the Expos, Braves, Indians, Brewers, Dodgers and Giants, was selected for two NL All-Star teams and twice captained baseball on stolen bases.
player: Gavin Kilen, SS, Milton (Wis.) HS (Potential No. 100)
coined: Round 13 (No. 399 overall) Red Sox
relatively: Chris Klein (Father, Twins Draft Peak)
Chris was a 58th round pick by the Twins in 1993, although he never appeared in any game.
player: Jackson Jaha, INF/RHP, Clackamas (Ore.) HS
coined: Round 15 (No. 449 overall), Mets
relatively: John Jaha (Father, 10 MLB seasons)
John had two seasons 30-HR and 100-RBI to his name, and even participated in the 1999 Home Run Derby, although he had one hit home run.
player: Casey Dana, Connecticut
coined: Round 16 (No. 478 in total), Angels
Relatives: Colin and Caden Dana (brothers, Mosman MiLB; Angels pick from Round 11)
Coleen Dana, the eldest in the family, was recruited in 2018 by Padres and released in March 2022 due to injuries. Meanwhile, Casey, a right-handed bowler from Don Bosco Prep (NJ), was picked by Hallos on Tuesday, in Round 11.
player: Jared Carrus, RHP, UCLA
coined: Round 16 (No. 495 overall), Dodgers
relatively: Eric Carus (Father, 14 MLB seasons)
Although he is currently best known for his work as a broadcaster, Eric also coached the Dodgers first base for 12 seasons and was the NL Player of the Year for 1992.
player: Gavin Turley, OF, Hamilton (Ariz.) HS (Possible No. 107)
coined: Round 19 (No. 558 overall), dظهير
relatively: Jason Turley (Father, 2 seasons of MiLB)
Jason, the right-handed savior, was a pick in the 21st round in 1993 by the Astros who hit the rookie and singles ball.
player: Austin Charles, SS/RHP, Stockdale (California) HS (No. 109 prospect)
coined: Round 20 (No. 595 overall), Royals
relatively: Art Charles (brother, 7 seasons of MiLB)
Twelve years ago, Austin’s older brother was drafted by Blue Jays. Art, the first baseman, spent parts of seven seasons at the Blue Jays, Phillies, and Brewers systems. He has since played in the Canadian American Independent League and several tournaments in Mexico.

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