Eye on College Basketball Podcast talks about the 2024, Duke, UConn and Overtime Elite ratings

On the latest episode of The Eye on College Basketball Podcast 247, Boy Scouts sporting director Adam Finkelstein joins CBS Sports’ David Cobb to discuss some of the week’s biggest events and topics in the world of employment.

(0:30) Do Duke fans have to worry about that John Sher Not yet committed in the 2024 National Class after handing over the Best National Class in both 2022 and 2023?

(1:40) Does the 2024 National Class compare to a strong class relative to past, and possibly future classes? What are the factors that could change that?

(3:50) How did Trey Johnson finish first in the national category and who else was in the competition?

(4:50) What does early ranking mean in terms of these long-term prospects?

(6:00) What’s the hype around the Overtime Elite now that they’re home to players planning to play college basketball?

(7:45) How did you do Cunningham people Helping change the perception, and perhaps even the mission, of an OTE?

(8:30) What’s next for OTE, specifically for players hoping to play college basketball?

(11:30) What happened to those people who claimed OTE and NIL would be the death of college basketball?

(13:30) Are there players who can now make more money in college than in the NBA or other professional environments?

(14:45) Why is height important in basketball (it was a serious question)?

(16:10) What can we learn from players like bosch alexander And the zaky ziggler?

(18:45) How UConn built the top three categories nationally and how we’ve seen their hiring philosophy evolve under Dan Hurley?

(20:00) How has UConn expanded the geographic reach of its recruitment efforts over the past year?

(21:00) Why was it Jaylene Stewart Understaffed and why would it matter to UConn?

(21:45) Can Adama SanogoAnd the Andre JacksonAnd the Jordan Hawkins Everyone go pro after this season?

(23:30) Should UConn be considered one of the top 25 in the nation heading into college season?

(25:00) Where will the UConn recruitment chapter nationally end at the end of the year?

(27:00) How has recruiting affected UConn’s offensive rating in recent years, which has improved every season since Hurley’s arrival at Storrs?

The full episode can be found on The Eye on College Basketball YouTube website:

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