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Excitement, optimism and heightened expectations were the story of the first day of the Oilers training camp. Only for the second time in 30 years are there legitimate expectations that Otters could be contenders. At the start of the 2017/18 season, after Edmonton had made the playoffs for the first time in a decade, it was the only other time I could remember fans and critics believing the Oilers could be a real threat. The 2017/2018 season wasn’t quite right, the Oilers struggled hard and finished 11th in the Western Conference.

Conor McDavid, Leon Drysittel, Ryan Nugent Hopkins, Darnell Norse and Jesse Polgojarvi were the only players left who were regular players on this team. Kailer Yamamoto played nine games before returning to the juniors, and Brad Mallon had seven.

The nurse has vivid memories of that season.

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“We only learn if we follow the lessons that were taught to us after 2017 and act on them,” said a nurse. “I remember that summer personally and everyone talking about how good we were, going back to the playoffs and being competitive. That’s not how the league or the sport works. You have to earn it, but we haven’t earned it at all. We should have a chip on our shoulder this year. It was great. Reaching the Western Conference final, but there was only one winner last year and we were among the big group of losers. To reach the final goal, it will take a lot more work than we put in last year.”

It took four seasons before Oilers won a playoff tour again, and the three years of disappointment were a great reminder of Oilers’ leadership group. Don’t expect a repeat of 2018. This team has more focus and pace of practice, and the demands from Jay Woodcroft knocked this house down.

Woodcroft didn’t like how Kailer Yamamoto was checking his money in one exercise and telling him so. He didn’t shout, but made it clear that they needed to be faster and more assertive. Woodcroft was assistant coach in 2018 and is determined not to suffer a similar setback this season.

Yesterday’s top Woodcroft lines:

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  1. Kane – MacDavid – Yamamoto
  2. Heymann – Drysittel – Bolgojärvi
  3. RNH – McLeod – Foegele
  4. Holloway – Malone – Vertanen
  5. Janmark – shore – ryan

Ryan and Janmark struggle to get a spot on the list right Now because of the salary cap. Putting them on the same line allows them to compete “in real time”.

Foegele played at RW in Carolina, so he’s played there before, but will he start the season on RW? we will see.

Defending pairs were Nurse-Wanner (to fill in for Ceci), Kulak-Bouchard and Broberg-Barrie. I think there’s a very good chance these two start the season, but I think the top three streaks are a work in progress. Woodcroft will likely try out a few different combinations as boot camp progresses. And we’ll see if Dylan Holloway can make his way into the first nine conversations.

Quotes that make you go hmmm…

May 31, 2022; Denver, Colorado, USA; Edmonton Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft talks with his players in the second period against the Colorado Avalanche in Game 1 of the 2022 Stanley Cup Western Conference Final at Ball Arena. Mandatory credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

“We want to make sure that we compete against each other so that we compete against each other in the season,” Woodcroft.

Woodcroft has a knack for words.

“Defense is the only area where we haven’t developed as a group at the same attacking rate and we have to focus on it.” nurse.

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This is very accurate. However, Edmonton has made huge strides over the past year after Woodcroft’s arrival. The Oilers scored their sixth best goal against/game in the NHL at 2.78. Colorado finished fifth at 2.76. The Oilers finally had 5×5 goals against/under two goals, allowing 1.92 in their last 38 games. If they want to be a real contender, 5×5 GA will be in that range this season.

“I’m going to try to be really good on the initial scan, maybe sticking to the disc is the other one I can be better at too. And go for the blue paint, be strong… I mean.“Puljujarvi When asked what areas of his game he wants to improve.

I loved this answer, especially the last three words. Puljujarvi might be the happiest player on the Oilers team. He’s always smiling and laughing, but he’s also their biggest striker. He’s a huge human, and he probably doesn’t know how powerful he is. Hearing him say “Be mean” doesn’t fit his character, but it does explode. He has the size and power to intimidate people and push them with blue paint. He’s still young, at only 24 years old, and if he adds that element to his game this season, he’ll be a handful of D-men.

“I don’t think it’s worth it to get more money. I didn’t want to miss any time and now I can give my best. I understand the fixed cap, and I didn’t have any (arbitration) rights this year.” Ryan McLeod.

McLeod’s signing for $798,000 was tied to a salary cap. Literally they only had about $165 more to give him. MacLeod has the right attitude. The camp’s absence was unwise, and while there was no guarantee, I’m sure the organization would remember his willingness to accept and reward the lowest salary in the future. McLeod has the opportunity to have an outstanding year and make real money next season. His speed is his best, and he’s starting to use it more to his advantage as he becomes more comfortable late in the season. He has the potential to develop into an excellent position for the third line.

“This is definitely the role I want to play this year and Cece (Cody Ceci) has the same mentality. Playing against the toughest competition, as a man of defense, is a lot of fun. It’s not easy. It’s a hard job, your mistakes are blatant and the things you do well They don’t usually get noticed. Thanksgiving jobs like that, for me as a competitor, are fun to be a part of and I’m looking forward to taking on that role again.” nurse On having more than 50% of his TOI against Elite under Woodcroft and Manson.

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Expect a distribution similar to the start of the season. Nurse and Ceci will play hard, 5×5 minutes, and Nurse won’t see much PP time with Barrie and Bouchard scoring those minutes.

  • When: On Thursday, January 12, we’ll hop on a flight at Edmonton International Airport and head to Vegas. On Sunday evening, we will be returning from Vegas to Edmonton. So the dates you have to block for this trip are January 12-15.
  • Where do we live: After landing at LV, we’ll hop on the free shuttle and make our way to Park MGM before we settle for a good night’s sleep. 😉
  • What did you get: Round trip, hotel, shuttle, viewing party (Friday night), game entry – we got seats this time (Saturday night), and exclusive entry to the “meet everyone” event before the flight.
  • What is the price: The total cost of the flight, flight, hotel and entrance to the game $1,499 per person (based on double occupancy)
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