Duke, Kentucky, Alabama, UNC streams to the Combine Academy for NCAA recruitment period

Lincolnton, North Carolina – Roughly 38 miles north of Bank of America Stadium, where Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers work their bus comb, the brilliant September sunshine shines through the majestic 80-year-old oaks and blankets for the 52-acre campus at Compine Academy.

Located near downtown Lincolnton, North Carolina, the boarding school is a city that exudes Southern charm, where chain restaurants are scarce, Mom and-pop stores thrive, and 10-foot-high cornstalks provide an ethereal backdrop for boundless porch swings.

The Zen vibe is a stark contrast to the organized chaos that ensues inside the John Jordan gymnasium near the back of the Combine campus.

Perhaps it is fitting that Lincolnton was the site of the infamous Battle of Ramsour Mill in the Revolutionary Wars, because in the warm September afternoon wars are fought on two fronts: between goat players during in-squad brawls in the open gym and on the sidelines where few college coaches look out Black tables line the west side of the stadium in hopes of attracting some of the country’s top coaches to their school.

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