Butte, Capital takes charge of team leadership at Western AA golf

It was rainy and cold on the first day of AA Western; Championship golf, and the Pot girls and Helena Capital girls don’t seem to mind.

Behind Jack Brigg’s 71st, Butt took command of the boys’ team after the first 18 holes, played at Buffalo Hill Golf Club. Brenner Booth shot 77 to sit in a tie for third, and the Bulldog had 311 strokes versus Glacier’s 324 and Flathead’s 329.

Olivia McGarney fired a first-round 87 to lead the DC Girls, who finished the first day with 407 strokes. Glacier came next with a score of 419, followed by Missoula Helgate at 421.

Helgate’s Anna Stensrud hit an 83-point lead to lead by four strokes for the medal ahead of Friday’s round, which will be played in drier conditions in Northern Pines.

Glacier’s Kina Sandler hit a 92 to finish third while fellow Wolfpack Chloe Tanner tied for fifth at 94, along with Paige O’Mara of Capital.

Missoula’s Liv Henney fired a Big Sky 93 to sit in fourth. McKinley Maurer was the top golfer at Flathead on Thursday, who finished seventh with a score of 98.

Brigg, who had five birdies and four bogeys, leads the men’s four-stroke medalist race over glacier Tyler Avery who shot a 75 with two birdies. Avery teammates Trevor Cunningham and Tanyon Murray are also in the top 10 after 18.

Flathead’s Nick Dubois hit a 78 on day one to sit in the tie with Cunningham for fifth. Dylan Morris of the Braves tied Murray with 82, and Tyler Williams of Flathead sits in the tie for 13th with 84.

The expected temperature at 10 a.m. on Friday is 48 degrees in Kalispell, with the temperature rising to 63 degrees.


team results – 1, bot 311; 2, Glacier 324; 3, Flathead 329; 4, capital 332; 5, Sentinel 339; 6, Helgate 363; 7, Big Sky 369; 8, Helena 410.

Top 15 people

Jack Brigg, Boot 71

Tyler Avery, Glacier 75

Brenner Booth, Boot 77

Colin McCarthy, goalkeeper 77

Nick Dubois, Flathead 78

Trevor Cunningham, Iceberg 78

Gavin Rosti, Boot 79

Dutch Teders, capital 79

Tanyon Murray, Glacier 82

^ Dylan Morris, Flathead 82

Jacob Brown DC 83

Hudson Gowski, goalkeeper 83

Joe McGreevey Capital 83

^ Chase Schockett, Butt 84

Brennan Lab, Helgate 84

^ Tyler Williams, Flathead 84


Team results – 1, Helena Capital 407; 2, Glacier 419; 3, Helgate 421; 4, bot 426; 5, Flathead 438; 6, Helena 462; 7, The Ranger 463.

Top 15 people

Anna Stensrud, Helgate 83

Olivia McGreevy DC 87

Kenna Sandler, Glacier 92

Liv Henney, Big Sky 93

Chloe Tanner, Glacier 94

94- Paige O’Mara

^ McKinley Maurer Flathead 98

Dylan Bartoletti, Boot 100

Mia Taylor, Helena 102

^ Chelsea Lions, Buttie 104

Landry Anderson, goalkeeper 106

Ashley Owens, Big Sky 107

Ali Muhammad Ali Hassan 107

Becca Vossen, Flathead 109

Sammy McCutchen Capital 109

Bella Curie, Helgate 109



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