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A new twist on a classic but underutilized form, The Bushwick Thirst Killer is a tribute to an old drink: the Japanese thirst killer. This historic and largely forgotten recipe is a unique example of the style of drink known as phosphate. When served alongside the rickeys, egg curds, and shakes that remain icons of the classic soda fountain, phosphates combined flavored syrup, cold soda water, and sometimes fresh juice with their namesake ingredient. Widely available again today, acid phosphate is a shelf stable souring agent that can replace citrus fruits but without all the flavors unique to these fruits.

Classic phosphates were mostly served without ice, and you can make the Bushwick Thirst Killer retro-style, but I prefer this drink made with the convenience of modern refrigeration. Simply mix coconut water, raspberry syrupPeychaud bitters, and a teaspoon of phosphate over ice and club soda and stir well for a (very) low-ABV cooler. The only element here with alcohol is the bitter, so the final drink has about the same ABV as a non-alcoholic beer. Looking for more options for non-drinkers? Discover our complete collection of soft drinks →

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