After a summer of mass recruiting, the next test will come for Bronny James en route to the NBA in a game against the Elite in overtime.

Bruni and his younger brother Bryce, who recently received their first group show, are set to qualify for California Basketball Club in the pre-season tournament at the OTE Arena in Atlanta.

They will face the City Reapers, led by twins Ausar Thompson and Amen Thompson, at 8:00 PM on October 20.

While this match is a great opportunity for James to showcase what he can against the NBA-related talent of the Thompson Twins, it isn’t the only big game this tournament has to offer.

Miami’s Columbus High School Scouts, which includes first recruit Cam Bowser #1 in the 2025 class, will play against YNG Dreamerz on October 20 and Cold Hearts on October 21. Carlos Boozer’s man.

After the pre-season games, the OTE League season begins on November 4.