Best Garlic Bread Pizza Recipe

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Looking for a fun and easy variation homemade pizza? Pass the Dough and use frozen garlic bread In place. Taking advantage of a grocery store staple, this playful mash-up promises the cheesy goodness of your favorite pizza, all on a super smooth garlic butter base. Scabs will never be thrown away again.

Baking the garlic bread before adding the pizza toppings ensures a crispy base and maximum garlic flavor from the bread’s signature topping, while broiling the topped pizza mimics the high heat of the bread. a professional pizza oven, producing crispy pepperoni and bubbling caramelized cheese.

Read on for more tips and information on this fun pizza To hack. Craving more garlic butter? Discover our garlic knot.

Why do we make our own pizza sauce?

Honestly, most store-bought pizza sauces aren’t great, and when a dish is mostly three things (garlic bread, sauce, and cheese), it’s worth the little extra effort to ensure that all three components are as delicious as possible. This pizza sauce recipe takes 30 minutes, and while it makes more sauce than you’ll need for this recipe, you can store the extra in the fridge for up to a week (until the next pizza night!) or freeze it for future. use.

Can I use unfrozen prepackaged garlic bread for this? What if my loaf is a different size?

We tested this recipe with a 10-ounce loaf of frozen garlic bread, but you could use a freshly made loaf of garlic bread. You’ll probably want to adjust the initial cooking time of the garlic bread – it should be crispy on the bottom and sides, but not hard before you top it. And if your bread is a full pound, you’ll need more than 3/4 cup of pizza sauce and 1 2/3 cups of mozzarella to give your pizzas that perfect, even topping.

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