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A telltale sign that the ohholidays are officially on us? Store shelves made room for cartons upon eggnog cartons.

Celebrating with this creamy drink is nothing new. In fact, the eggnog was served at bars around the holidays for ages. And drink like possetwhich many food historians say gave birth to the modern drink we know and love today, was consumed on festive occasions centuries before eggnog hit American bars.

In keeping with tradition, it is therefore normal to make eggnog drinks this winter.

Of vegan eggnog at classic eggnoghere are the best eggnog cocktails to spice up your holiday season.

What are eggnog cocktails?

Eggnog cocktails are endlessly customizable. They tend to be alcoholic, sweet and have hints of spice.

A myriad of spirits like Brandy, Cognac and Bourbon lend themselves well to eggnog cocktails. But the classic choice is Rum. Why? Because this spirit goes perfectly with the nutmeg and cinnamon aspects of eggnog.

How to make eggnog cocktails

How you make your eggnog cocktail will vary depending on your ingredients and the recipe you choose. But in general, they incorporate eggs, simple syrup, a spirit and dairy products. On this list, we have eggnog cocktail options ranging from hot and spicy has a custard cream dessert.

However, if eggnog really isn’t for you, be sure to check out our Hot wine, hot beer and other festive fortified cocktails which are perfect for the holidays.

The best eggnog cocktails

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Classic Eggnog Recipe

A classic eggnog recipe for the holidays.
Photo by Meg Baggott / Styling by Dylan Garret

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the tried and true classics. You definitely can’t go wrong with this traditional take on old-fashioned refrigerated eggnog. Although this option requires the basic ingredients, like Cognacrum or bourbon, do not hesitate to opt for fortified wine As Port In place. Want something lighter? You can also replace the cream with milk.

Get the recipe: A classic eggnog recipe from scratch and how to jazz it up

Hot Nog Recipe

Hot eggnog in an enamel mug
Photo by Tom Arena

Sometimes you just need to heat things up! While our classic eggnog is served cold, this one is extra hot. It’s basically like melted ice cream, and while that might seem off-putting to some, we suggest you try it out before you say anything you can’t take back. Consider a more alcoholic custard or a classic vanilla custard sauce. Not bad is not it ?

Just be sure to slowly stir the hot milk into the eggs, so the ingredients combine without cooking the yolks.

Get the recipe: Hot Nog Recipe

Vegan Nog Recipe

Cashew Vegan Eggnog
Photo by Tom Arena

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you should miss out on this classic holiday drink. Instead of dairy, this recipe calls for cashews with almond and coconut milk. It also calls for bourbon, which is widely considered vegan. (Just be sure to check the label before drinking.)

Get the recipe: Vegan Nog

creole eggnog

creole eggnog

Unlike the other recipes on this list, this one is going to take a bit of patience. It must age at least a month—if not more!—before imbibing. But we promise you it will be worth it. With a host of spices, like ground ginger, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and more, this recipe calls for a variety of spirits like Bayou Spiced Rum, strong cider and others.

The end result is similar to sabayon, a thick Italian dessert resembling custard.

Get the recipe: creole eggnog

Coquito recipe

Puerto Rican Cinnamon Coquito
Photo by Tom Arena

This drink originated in Puerto Rico. Its name, “Coquito,” translates to “little coconut,” which is fitting because the recipe calls for both coconut milk and coconut cream. Along with a host of spices like ginger, nutmeg and cloves, you can also mix in fruits like strawberry or tamarind.

Get the recipe: coquito

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