Best ‘Easy Dinner’ Ideas: Top 5 Simple Recipes Most Recommended By Food Experts

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You’ve been up since 6 a.m., work, friends and family don’t stop, and the last thing on your mind is thinking about something to cook for dinner. But before you open your delivery apps, pause, take a deep breath, and know that with minimal effort, you can have a satisfying, healthy, and guilt-free meal on the table in no time. With thousands of resources online, finding recipes for easy dinner parties is a breeze, and below we’ve compiled the best of the best.

While it may seem easier to grab take-out or pre-packaged food, preparing homemade meals has a big impact on our health. Just by cooking your own food, you are likely to eat healthier than those who depend on eating out, a recent study find. Researchers at the University of Washington have found that families who prioritize home-cooked meals benefit from a diet low in calories, sugar, and fat, without adding extra weight to a monthly food budget. With around half of all food expenditure going to food prepared outside the home, the study above may help shed light on a potential cause of the high rates of obesity and malnutrition.

Getting to work in the kitchen is also great for your brain. Research indicates that having confidence in your cooking actually improves mental health. Another recent study found that, compared to a control group, those who took the seven-week cooking class showed significant improvements in their mental health, overall health, and perceived vitality. Importantly, these enviable improvements in well-being appeared immediately after the group completed the cooking class and remained for up to six months afterward.

Enjoying the many benefits of cooking doesn’t mean you have to cook a meal with a long list of ingredients or hours of preparation. Even some of the best chefs in the world have their favorite recipes for simple weeknight dinners, we’re all human after all, aren’t we? StudyFinds went to the best cooking websites to see which easy dinners ranked highest. After reviewing the best recipes from 10 sources, we’ve compiled a list of the best sure-fire dinners that aren’t just easy, but irresistibly delicious. Enjoy!

The list: the best “easy dinner” ideas, according to the pros

1. White Chicken Chili

Spicy, creamy and satisfying, white chicken chili is the perfect meal when you’re short on time but don’t want to give up flavor.

“What’s great about this chili is how quick and easy it is. You can choose to do this in one pan in less than an hour on the stovetop. Or cook it over low, slow heat in the slow cooker. Top each bowl of chili with plenty of cheddar cheese, fresh cilantro, and avocado as well. » Half-cooked harvest writing.

Like any good simple dinner, white chicken chili can be adapted to whatever you have on hand and can be made using staples like canned beans and roast chicken for easy cleanup.

“White chili (aka chili verde) emerged as a milder version of the classic spicy red. Typically made with pork or chicken, spices, white beans and green chilies, white chili definitely has a place in our rotation of classic stews,” Delight writing.

2. Roasted Vegetable Tacos

Forget the meat and say hello to your new favorite meatless Monday dinner. Fully customizable and ready in 30 minutes, Roasted Veggie Tacos are sure to be a welcome addition to your weeknight meals.

“I love when I make a healthy meal that my whole family really enjoys – and my family loved these tacos (including my meat-loving husband)! My husband looked stunned after his first bite, right after which he exclaimed, “Wow, I can’t believe they’re really that good!” Delicious writing.

Many popular food websites put veggie tacos on their top lists, since you can really throw whatever veggies you have on hand in the oven, stuff them into a corn or flour tortilla, and add the salsa, whatever guacamole or potted herbs you have available. Roasted cauliflower, black beans, and fajita vegetables are some of the favorite variations.

“These simple veggie tacos are such a fun and healthy dinner! They’re stuffed with spiced roasted cauliflower and cabbage and a creamy avocado sauce. love and lemons writing.

3. Tortellini Soup

You might think tortellini are a classic pasta dish, but they work wonders in soup form and allow you to add all your favorite veggies, sauces, and spices while creating a great, complete meal.

“If you’re also craving comforting, filling meals right now, you’ll love this tortellini soup recipe. It cooks in just over 30 minutes, so it’s easy to make on a weeknight and is packed with flavorful vegetables and herbs. Soft, cheesy tortellini make them hearty and fun to eat,” love and lemons writing.

Try a classic Parmesan-laden tomato broth variation, or take it up a notch with a lemon spinach and dill variation.

“Silky and comforting yet bright and tangy, this easy soup is made with store-bought tortellini and has a rich broth thickened with beaten eggs,” enjoy your food writing.

4. Lemon Roasted Salmon

Everyone needs a great roast salmon dish in their weekly rotation, and the top-rated recipe websites have no shortage of them. Among the tastiest and easiest is roasted salmon enhanced with lemony goodness.

“The outside browns and crisps, while the inside stays tender and juicy. Here, Melissa Clark brushes a slurry of Dijon mustard and olive oil over the fillets, then grills them until the fish is tender. opaque with a dark brown crust.’ Serve with white rice and a tangle of buttery greens seasoned with lemon juice,” New York Times Kitchen writing.

Also feel free to add veggies while your salmon cooks, making for hassle-free cleanup and a complete meal on a baking sheet.

“Roasted baby potatoes alongside herb, lemon and garlic roasted salmon. Topped with a zesty, lightly salted olive and feta vinaigrette. It’s a little buttery, colorful, healthy and more than delicious. The perfect dinner to serve any night of the week,” Half-cooked harvest writing.

5. Shrimp Scampi

Bursting with flavor and high in protein, Shrimp Scampi is an ideal weeknight staple and just as versatile, with the addition of pasta, crispbread or rice to make a complete meal.

“Excellent with fresh or frozen prawns, langoustines with prawns are a classic: make a simple garlic, white wine and butter sauce, then add the fresh or thawed prawns to the pan and simmer. New York Times Kitchen writing.

The ingredient list contains less than 10 ingredients, many of which you will have at home in your pantry. Plus, it’s a great option if you’re looking for something lighter, with the ability to serve with vegetables.

“Lemon, garlic and butter is probably one of the best food combinations (I said that). The almost sweet acidity of lemon pairs perfectly with the toasty, tangy flavor of garlic, and both are enhanced by the fatty richness of butter. Delight writing.


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