Auburn “Can’t Afford Me” Like M

Auburn’s search for a new sporting director coincides with the shaky future of the football coach Brian Harsin. Would the former men’s basketball be great Charles Barclay To be an option out of the box? He gave a simple response to the concept when asked on Monday by Nathan King of

“They can’t afford me.” Barclay said.

Former athletic director Allen Green resigned in August with five months remaining on his contract. Was responsible for the dismissal of the former coach Jose Malzan In favor of hiring Harsin, who is 8-8 years old overall in two seasons with the Tigers.

Barkley starred in Auburn as an All-American and three times in All-SEC on the hardwoods prior to NBA stardom.

He was supportive of Harsin and called up critical Auburn fans earlier this summer.

“I Brian Harsin admirer,” Barclay said During his July appearance next round. “And this is to all the Auburn people: Leave that guy alone and let him do his horrible job. It’s only been a year, just leave the guy alone and let him do his work. All the guys know I like me some (Men’s Basketball Coach) Bruce PearlHis son Stephen and the entire coaching staff. I love our coaches, and I love Alan Green. If they let Allen and Bruce and Brian Harsin They do their job, I feel good about moving forward with Auburn. And for the people who keep bothering this guy, I wish someone would slap them as hell.”

Now a basketball analyst at TNT, Barkley currently has three years and $30 million left on his television contract. He revealed earlier this year that he always makes $10 million a year from endorsements and has considered an opportunity with the LIV Golf Tour.

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