Aston Martin reminds me of the young Red Bull F1 team

Fallows left his role as head aerodynamics at Red Bull last year in order to pursue a new challenge with Aston Martin, which has been on a recruiting campaign since Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll took over the team.

Stroll was clear in his goal of turning the team into a top team within five years, and made a statement signing two-time world champion Fernando Alonso for 2023. The team is also building a new plant at Silverstone as part of a major investment in its facilities to raise it to the highest level.

Fallows has had huge success with Red Bull, playing a part in nine world championship victories, and said he could see some similarities between the early days of that process and what is now being built at Aston Martin.

“One of the most exciting parts of Red Bull’s journey was when the team evolved from Jaguar,” Fallows said in an interview on the Aston Martin website.

“A small team with a very tight budget suddenly has a much larger budget, more resources, and more technical strength right at the top of the organization.

“Watching the team grow, being a part of that growth, being part of the success, even making mistakes along the way and learning from them, it was incredibly exciting.

“What’s happening in Aston Martin F1 now looks very similar to what happened in Red Bull then.”

Fallows’ departure from Red Bull to Aston Martin has turned into a legal argument between the two teams over his starting date, after Red Bull planned to put him on gardening leave until the end of his contract in 2023.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG F1 Mercedes, Dan Fallows, Head of Aerodynamics at Red Bull Racing, race winner Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo, celebrate Red Bull Racing on the podium

Photo by: Sutton Pictures

But a deal was struck to allow Fallows to join Aston Martin in April of this year. Fallows admitted that he found it “embarrassing” to see his name in the press because it was “not in it for publicity”.

Fallows explained that his decision to leave Red Bull was motivated by his desire to pursue a new challenge with Aston Martin and be part of the growing team.

“The most rewarding time in my career was when I faced a challenge, and I kept beating that challenge,” Fallows said.

“It’s not just a challenge, it’s a chance to be part of something that goes from something humble to something amazing. There is serious ambition in Aston Martin F1 – from Lawrence Stroll at the top, right across the entire team.

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“So, to be asked to join the team on its journey, but also given the resources I have, it’s very exciting. It’s very exciting when someone puts that level of trust in you, when they basically say, ‘Here’s the Formula 1 team,’ Turn it into what you want, get the people you want, run it the way you want it, make it work – make your mark.

“I accepted this challenge because I felt that things could be done differently. It’s not about doing things the Red Bull way, or the Mercedes way, or the Ferrari way. It’s about getting to a better way – the Aston Martin way.”

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