Arizona Cardinals of Honor Carson Palmer wants the team to win

Carson Palmer still watches the Arizona Cardinals’ games from his home in Idaho. He still follows his former team as closely as possible. On his occasional visits to the Phoenix area, he enjoys interacting with fans who learn about the former NFL quarterback wherever he is.

Palmer, who was added to the Cardinals’ Ring of Honor three years ago, will be back if the team reaches Super Bowl 57. The next Cardinals game he sees in person will be his first since September 2019.

“If the cards were in it, I’d be there 100%,” Palmer said Wednesday at the end of an interview with the Arizona Republic.

This NFL season, which ends with the Super Bowl in Glendale, is visited by some of the names and faces from the Cardinals’ 35 seasons in Arizona. These days, Palmer, who was 38-21-1 in his five seasons with the Cardinals and played 15 in total with the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders and Cardinals, is enjoying life in Sun Valley, Idaho with his family.

Here’s more of our interview with Palmer, who retired after the 2017 season. A huge fan of the Cardinal to this day, he watched last week’s runaway highlights in Las Vegas several times and said as a fan now, he can’t wait to see the team’s next game.

Carson Palmer in 2016.

Arizona Republic: Let’s start with what you intend to do now. What’s going on out there in Idaho?

Carson Palmer: “Yeah, I still live in Idaho, chasing kids some days, coaching my oldest son’s 8th grade soccer team. And I work. I joined a friend here in real estate and we do some real estate development. We set up a little company called Silent Water Real Estate, you can Check it out, it’s We have a building we’re working on, a multi-family building, downtown Sun Valley. We’re excited to go through the licensing process with the city and get our plans together. So we’re really excited about our buildings. It’s a condominium with retail space on the ground floor. And we have seven workforce housing units inside the building. So it’s a really exciting project that we’ve done that I’ve been working on for the past two years.”

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